The Lantern Festival will come to the tide of gifts rise

2022-05-31 0 By

Flying full moon night, when the lights on.The 15th day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.In addition to expressing love with roses and chocolate, the reporter visited to understand that in recent years, the Chinese fashion gifts are also more and more popular with citizens.Roses, which symbolize “love and beauty”, are naturally popular on Chinese Valentine’s Day.This morning, the reporter sees in some flower shop in urban area, rose of all kinds had occupied C inside store already, fragrant fragrance and gorgeous colour blend, make a thick romantic breath.The shop owner told reporters that due to the abnormal weather in Kunming, the main producer of roses, the production of roses in the past three months has declined significantly, and the price of roses has risen accordingly.The price of roses this year has almost doubled compared with last year.In addition to roses, Chinese gifts have become a new favorite for people to present to their relatives and friends in recent years. Cultural confidence is fully integrated into eating and wearing.The reporter sees in some cosmetics shop, all kinds of cosmetics that develop element of Chinese style design incisively and vividly attracted many citizens to buy.Like the lipstick suit inspired by the embroidery screen “Birds pay homage to the Phoenix”, the phoenix, birds and a variety of plants on the shell are fresh and vivid, and matched with the silk cloisin technology, so that each feather of the phoenix can be clearly seen, and the beauty of the exquisitely carved China can be seen.Citizen: I prefer this kind of national style gift, its appearance is quite beautiful.It’s also very generous and of good quality.Now many young people pay attention to the national style, such as Hanfu, which is very in line with the aesthetic of The Times.Text: Feng Qiuying Camera: Chen Jiayang