The city expanded the scale of work relief to expand the channels for farmers to obtain employment and increase their income

2022-05-31 0 By

Lanzhou evening news on March 12, the reporter understands from the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), for comprehensive standardized work project implementation in 2022, the city according to the province to expand on the way to relief plan, further refine work tasks, communication and coordination mechanism, standardization of project implementation, to carry out the labor remuneration distribution, increase the project planning reserves, positive for financial support,We will vigorously promote the implementation of projects to boost employment and increase rural incomes.It is understood that in 2021, Lanzhou will implement 5 work-relief projects, pay 4,025,800 yuan for labor services, organize 383 migrant workers to participate in the project construction, and train 83 workers in employment skills such as work-for-work training and practical training.In 2022, zhuhai will take way to relief the scope of the project implementation, overall development to rural production and living infrastructure, rural transport infrastructure, water infrastructure, cultural tourism infrastructure, forestry infrastructure and so on six big grassland areas, focus on rural roads, by LianXiang tong village road and county road construction international break is given priority to,The construction of roads for residents in inhospitable villages and central villages should be taken into account.In the field of irrigation and water conservancy, through leveling land and improving soil and other measures, the construction of drought and flood protection standard farmland, promote the adjustment of agricultural planting structure, improve the comprehensive production capacity of cultivated land.Will work more attention to the change of poverty alleviation project relocation area, in the resettlement area of the integration of other channels of funds supporting projects promoted relief way, effectively make up for the change of relocation policy cannot cover “blind corner,” incurable diseases, build up the “change of poverty alleviation move + work + + enterprise leading industrial development” organic combination of the work world.We will identify the right entry point and focus, and play a bigger role in consolidating poverty alleviation achievements and advancing the rural vitalization strategy.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Li Li