Henan Mengzhou: the first crop of leek grab “fresh” listed

2022-06-01 0 By

Henan Daily rural edition reporter Feng Jiazhi correspondent Zhou Ping “spring comes early, busy harvest in the field”.On February 13, farmers in Mengzhou Modern Agriculture Industrial Park began to harvest the first batch of leeks to get “fresh” market.Modern Agricultural Industrial Park of Mengzhou city is the largest centralized continuous chives planting base and wholesale market of origin in central China.On that day, is the industrial park leek trading market opened the first day, the trading price hit a new record high, 6.49 yuan per kilogram, because the market is good, quality is excellent, the first crop of new listed leeks are favored by foreign merchants, the trading market trading volume reached more than 54,000 kilograms in the first day, to achieve a “good start” of leek trading.Editor: Ma Huixia