Shanxi must go to the scenic spot, peak had 64 temple, 16 kilometers away from the city

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Shanxi must go to the scenic spot, peak had 64 temple, 16 kilometers away from the urban area Shanxi is a very long history, cultural heritage is particularly profound city, and therefore the various characteristics here have also been very good development.For example, the famous porcelain, crock soup and so on are now sold all over the country, and those famous scenic spots also have a unique charm, attracting a lot of people to travel and consume here every year, for the local also increased a lot of income.Among the many scenic spots, this one is definitely the one you must go to after you come to Shanxi. In its heyday, there were 64 temples, 16 kilometers away from the city.Here is the Five old Peak scenic area, speaking of it should be very familiar to the local people!After all, for the local, it is also a large-scale, well-known tourism project, every year to bring a lot of local income, but also the local people are proud of the place.In this scenic area, the protected natural ecological area has reached more than 200 square kilometers, and the main scenic area for tourism has reached about 30 square kilometers.On this scale, if you don’t have time budget, I’m afraid you can’t enjoy the tour!Among the attractions, the most attractive place is that there are a lot of preserved stone Buddha statues dating back to the Southern and Northern Dynasties.They offer you not only the exquisitely carved bricks of the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, but also the unique tiles of the Song Dynasty, as well as the colored sculptures, statues and inscriptions of the Ming Dynasty.It is worth mentioning that in its heyday, there were as many as 64 temples or temples, which shows its profound religious culture, which is also one of the important reasons to attract people here.These numerous temples are distributed in the forest, very spectacular, which involved Yu Yuzhu looked down at the top of the peak, to be able to see as many as the area of 3000 square meters around the flat land, the temple palace, temple, temples view distribution during this time, is very busy, and this pageantry are all across the country is very rare!!!!Among them, the scenic area also contains 7 cultural beauty worth going to, respectively is the thousand son hall, Xiu Scholar hall, Ling Temple and other places, each is very distinctive, worth a visit!In addition to the outstanding cultural landscape, of course, the unique scenery of the Karst landscape is also worth a look, which is the most spectacular yuzhu Peak, about 1702.6 meters above sea level, the overall shape of a jade pillar, let a person is very intriguing.And go to this peak, there is a unique Karst karst cave – Lei Gong cave.The natural stalagmites, stone pillars, and natural water sources will definitely make you feel amazing.So overall, it’s worth going.