I saw the microcosm of most people when my husband and Dabao learned how to make videos

2022-06-02 0 By

I also want to learn, but I have a lot of things to do, so I told my husband and dabao to let them learn.As a result, their style made me see most people in miniature.In fact, the two of them after my introduction and recommendation, watching the beautiful video, the heart is also itching, the caliber of the same said must learn.After all, bloggers have video tutorials of every step, and they explain them in great detail. If you have the patience to follow them, you can’t learn anything, which they lack.Dabao said to me that he could not pull the second step any more. When I saw that it was mask ripening, I was more or less basic and saw that he just moved the icon in the painting too much.Just this step, let Dabao give up, he likes this video is also nothing.How’s the husband doing?He actually watched the video from beginning to end, and then said he couldn’t remember it. It gave him a headache.What about five minutes of video? Whose brain is smart enough to remember all the steps?But also especially pure white without a foundation.Therefore, the husband also gave up.From both of them, we see two types of most unsuccessful things.One, impatient, not to find the reason.Dabao gave up, he said that unlike what the blogger said, he just couldn’t pull, instead of finding reasons and practicing repeatedly.Two, do not know how to simplify.The husband’s approach is to see from beginning to end, see so many steps, remember it is too difficult to feel, see headache.For a layman, follow step by step operations are not necessarily able to follow, do not expect to see can learn, obviously the method is wrong.Since they both give up, my only advantage “stubborn” strength came out, I want to try, I personally learn can do success.If I can succeed, I can show my superiority in front of them.Let them see, two boys are worse than one peasant housewife.Say dry dry, even when it is bedtime, I also want to make a, follow the steps that the blogger said, step by step follow the operation, encountered did not understand to return to read again, do not understand to read again, until do the same as the blogger.With more than ten minutes, after watching the video, I also followed to finish, incidentally released on the platform, can not do it in vain, how much to produce a little traffic also line.See her husband did not sleep, is brushing some sound, I put the mobile phone in the past to let him see my results, and really was attracted to him, I happy to take off my clothes to sleep, who knows the husband actually let me in bed step by step to teach him.While yu Wen, just learned to do again, her husband also learned, he said I taught him to understand.Anyway, I don’t see a lot of people in them.Seeing other people making money, they all want to learn, but in the process of learning, how many people finally stay?Do not good – to give up, too troublesome – to give up, always, success has reasons for success, failure also absolutely have reasons for failure.Success is not difficult, no matter how difficult it is to do, as long as you start simple, understand one step and then learn the next step, plus patience and persistence, the final result will be expected.Short step without thousands of miles, not small streams into rivers.Agree?