Much!!!!Xiaomi will once again overtake Samsung as the number one smartphone brand in Spain

2022-06-02 0 By

Millet company will in the second quarter of this year as Spain’s largest mobile phone brand, this is a consulting firm in the latest forecast this week, they said had influenced by the supply lead to millet ranking fell, the situation has improved this year so millet will surpass samsung again become Spain first-hand machine vendor.The two companies are engaged in fierce competition at the lower end of the market, with Xiaomi launching its new Redmi phone and Samsung’s A-series smartphones gaining A strong following in Spain.Xiaomi overtook Samsung as early as March last year, but Samsung regained the lead six months later due to parts supply problems.Now that shipments have improved and parts supply has caught up, Xiaomi will be back on top this year.There is no doubt that Samsung and Xiaomi are now the biggest mobile phone players in Spain, with Samsung accounting for 34% of sales by the end of last year, compared to Xiaomi’s 31%, a gap of just 3%.Still, that’s down from 41% in the first half of last year.Samsung’s ranking dropped due to supply problems at the time, but after the problem was resolved, Samsung overtook Xiaomi again.