Build a neighborhood interaction “Heart bridge” this colorful theme activity is fun and warm

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On February 15, the day of the Lantern Festival, merchants Shekou Chengdu Co., LTD., Chengdu Merchants Association and Merchants Accumulated Sichuan Co., Ltd. jointly held the activity of “Auspicious Tiger Welcomes The Spring Festival and makes fun of the Lantern Festival” in several communities.Through taste yuanxiao, guess lantern riddles, lion dance, ring, lantern DIY, lucky red envelope and other ways, and the majority of owners to enjoy the festival.Following the tradition of yuanxiao for more than 1,500 years, colorful lantern riddles are hung in residential areas such as Merchants Central Huacheng and Merchants Evian Uptown, creating a joyous festive atmosphere.On the premise of epidemic prevention, residents have participated in the Lantern Festival activities.Owner Mr. Tan said, “now the lantern riddles are not completely traditional riddles, riddles from the winter Olympics knowledge questions to guessing word puzzles, guessing slang, guessing place names, etc., involving a wide range of fun, I specially took the family of children downstairs to feel the traditional festival culture, but also let him learn and progress in this process.”In addition to the fun riddles, the gift prepared by the staff is to arouse the enthusiasm of the owners to participate in guessing riddles, we scramble to see the riddles, some also share answers to the riddles, the scene is happy.Handy lanterns DIY, joy to welcome yuanxiao.In Evian Uptown, people communicate, communicate, study and make lanterns together.A variety of colorful lanterns come into view, adding a strong atmosphere to the festival.The reporter saw that the lion dance was invited to the community parade in the central Huacheng, the Rubik’s Cube and other places, and the owners were invited to dance the lion.”When the lion dances, the mighty Lion sometimes jumps into the air, sometimes jumps over and over, sometimes acts mischievously and makes all kinds of wonderful movements, attracting many owners to come and watch it. Everyone cheers and interacts with it repeatedly.”It is worth mentioning that the mighty lion is also under the guidance of hydrangea, coming to the door to send New Year’s greetings to the owners.Thousands of families tonight, Lantern Festival Lantern Festival.The relevant person in charge of investment accumulation said that the Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China, in line with the “home in love in” human civilization and “healthy and low-carbon” green civilization held this activity, to promote Chinese traditional culture, enhance neighborhood feelings, strengthen the relationship between owners and property.Huaxi community media reporter Li Peng interviewed for the picture