“Cool, sporty, elegant” in one pure electric performance of the steel gun

2022-06-03 0 By

As a pure electric gun integrating “Cool, sporty and elegant”, The Olla Haolao GT Magnolia has attracted much attention since it was launched last year. Do you know that?Intellectual beauty he first in the “new generation tide”, on the basis of euler good cat, a good cat GT mulan edition add sports suite and exclusive color, hundreds of kilometers of just 6.9 seconds faster, has a unique function of ejection start at the same level, but also exclusive induction electric tail gate, and the function of heating and ventilation AN mo electric regulation of primary co-pilot seat comfort configuration, etc.The Olla Cat GT Magnolia offers insight into XIAO’s daily car needs and tailor-made comfort cabin gain buffs, including fatigue driving monitoring, kick sensitive electric rear door, ORA Smart-cafe?Voice print recognition interaction, personalized Settings based on identity ID and other functions.Can also start Ora-Enjoyment?Comfortable mode, main driver seat memory + welcome + heating + ventilation +AN motorcycle Settings.In addition, there are 3.0 intelligent Driving gain buffs, including ORA-Pilot Driving, ORA-Pilot Safety full time intelligence protection, ORA-Pilot Parking.Three main functions.With the help of these “black technologies”, XIAO is sure to have a more relaxed and enjoyable daily car use experience.With its own styling design, excellent performance and superior technology configuration, Olahao CAT GT Magnolia version breaks the gender boundary of performance cars. It not only becomes the breakthrough work of refreshing industry cognition, but also perfectly fits women’s daily car needs, becoming the “strongest best friend” in their minds.The event will run from April 5, 2022 to April 8, 2022