Fujian: rainy weather restart, wet and cold continue online

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Fujian Daily · new Fujian client February 6 – (reporter Zhang Jingwen) today, the rain has arrived, as of 17 o ‘clock, the rain has arrived in the northwest of Fujian, the evening to the night most of the province has light rain, local moderate rain.It is forecast that there will be moderate to heavy rain in the province tomorrow, with some heavy rain.In terms of temperature, affected by precipitation, the temperature in most parts of the province will remain low in the next three days, with the lowest temperature below 8℃ in the central and northern regions and around 10℃ in the southern regions.During the day, the highest temperature is around 11 degrees Celsius in the central and northern areas, and around 15 degrees Celsius in the southern areas.Experts remind that the air humidity is large, the body feels wet and cold, we should pay attention to add clothes to keep warm, beware of cold;It is the peak season of the Spring Festival Travel rush, precipitation will lead to poor visibility, drivers should pay attention to keep a safe distance between cars, at the same time, the road is slippery on rainy days, please drive carefully.Fujian Meteorological Station on February 6 at 17:00 issued a strong wind warning: this evening to 7 in the daytime, the north coast: northeast wind 5-6 gust 7 to 6-7 gust 8-9;Central coastal areas: Ne wind force 6-7 gust force 8;South coast: Ne winds 6 to 7 gust 8 to 5 to 6 gust 7;Taiwan Strait: NE winds 6-7 gust 8 to 7-8 gust 9.The weather forecast is as follows: this evening to night, the province overcast, most counties and cities have light rain, local moderate rain.On The 7th, there will be moderate to heavy rain in the province, with some heavy rain.On the 8th, the province was cloudy, with scattered light rain and moderate rain in the central and northern areas.The 9th, the whole province cloudy, part of the light rain, partial moderate rain.Source: New Fujian