He said no 300 million not open, the developer scared away after the developer: why not develop my home

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“Don’t even think about it without three hundred million!”In a dilapidated three-story building in Hubei Village, Luohu District, Shenzhen, a man faced several staff members of the municipal demolition office and a nearby real estate developer.Hearing the man’s words, a few demolition office staff surprised a cold sweat, sitting on the side of the developer is on the spot, said to the man that he is a lion big mouth, want to rob.Hearing the developer’s words, the man did not get angry, but just grunted coldly and said: “What is the lion’s big mouth? Our house has a good land and is worth this price!If you can’t afford the price I ask, you don’t have to come to me to negotiate any more.”So, after a fruitless argument, the developer and the demolition office staff left bitterly.That happened in 2011, a decade later.And did that dilapidated three-story house finally get knocked down?Do development business and demolish do have the requirement that allows house owner?On March 1, 2021, the mid-term briefing meeting of the international competition of C2 plot of Urban Renewal Unit of Hubei Overall Planning Area (including the central area) was held in the big conference room on the 45th floor of Luohu Business Center.The main staff attending this meeting are the urban renewal engineering expert team led by Meng Jianmin, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the main leaders of Shenzhen Municipal Land Reengineering Bureau and the government personnel in charge of luohu District urban renewal project.The main objective of this meeting is to discuss the redevelopment plan of Hubei Village, which has a unique geographical location and development prospect in Luohu District.After the first renovation, this historic village has now become a famous commercial district in Shenzhen and even the whole country.Every day to and from the hubei village commercial street of an endless stream of people, injected vitality and energy into the city.Hubei Village is located in the center of Dongmen Commercial Area of Shenzhen. The whole area here covers the village in the city, residential area, commercial area and other areas with various functions.The total area of the overall planning is as much as 40 hectares, and because of the “particularity” of Hubei Village, it was once called “the most urban renewal in Shenzhen” in the first urban reconstruction.Hubei Village was built in the Chenghua period of Ming Dynasty. At that time, zhang family, who was far away in Fujian, moved his clan all the way to the southeast coast of Guangdong for the better development of the ethnic group, and finally stayed here to build villages and breed.After more than 500 years of evolution and inheritance, When the founding of New China, Hubei Village has become one of the several famous local villages, the population of the village has reached more than 1,000 people.Because of its long history, there are many cultural relics handed down here, and the local government pays special attention to the cultural protection of Hubei Village.In Hubei Village, there are many typical Cantonese terraced houses, as well as huaiyue Zhang Gong Shrine built in the late Ming Dynasty, which are precious cultural heritage and need to be protected.This has made the transformation of Hubei village more difficult.As early as 1992, at the beginning of the reform and opening up, the Shenzhen municipal government had already begun planning to build a business district around Hubei Village.At that time, more than a dozen well-known large-scale engineering contractors participated in the government’s bidding project, but after a field investigation, they all gave up due to the high difficulty of renovation, which also made the renovation plan failed.Almost 20 years later, in 2011, things changed.In 2011, with the rise of real estate developers, the Shenzhen government and China Resources Land jointly formulated a development plan to turn the area near Hubei village in Luohu District into a high-end business district.At this time, the development of the whole Shenzhen city has become mature, and the construction technology is relatively perfect, and China Resources Group has a strong strength and ability to participate in the transformation project, so it seems that the transformation plan of Hubei Village will finally be completed in this year.However, although the general situation was solved, there were very few small details.When the government announced the renovation plan, residents of Hubei village were elated, feeling that they would finally get a government makeover after all these years.Although Hubei Village was located in a prosperous area of Shenzhen at that time, it was still a “village in the city”, so the conditions, facilities and residential housing of Hubei Village were very backward and shabby.Now ushered in the transformation, in addition to the “old house for new house”, every household will also receive a certain reward, this big good thing they are very willing to nature.As early as 1992, the residents of Hubei village received the news that the government was going to renovate the place, but as they waited eagerly for the Shenzhen municipal government to give it a new look, nothing happened.So the residents of Hubei village waited for nearly 20 years.Pictures from the network after the modification plan, office staff and developers began to visit the local residents, because the city government approval and financial support of China resources group, so the staff and residents talk about relocation funds also is very rich, residents demands can basically meet one by one.And most of the residents talk to the staff are very satisfied, after all, can change the house, and money to take, this kind of good general people who will not be happy?However, some people did not agree to the staff compensation plan.Among them, the most significant is yulan Square 31 residents.Before the whole renovation plan was drawn up, the government made major renovations to the living facilities near Hubei Village.These include the tangled wiring of residential buildings, the potholed roads that connect the districts, and the fire-fighting systems and water utilities.These measures have shown Hubei residents that the government is serious about the renovation plan, but they have also given some of them some desire.Because the whole process was door-to-door, 31 Magnolia Place lagged behind other residents, which allowed him to find out from his neighbors how much their compensation might be.At that time, Luohu formulated a series of demolition provisions, including housing area subsidies and some additional subsidies.For example, the decoration subsidy is as high as 1,000 yuan per square meter. In addition, China Resources Group also promises to give each family a parking space after demolition, which is equivalent to saving more than 100,000 yuan in Shenzhen where the land is expensive.In the end, almost every family received more than a million dollars in compensation after the sale of the new house and in 2011, before housing prices skyrocketed.And be informed after the compensatory money of neighbors, look at oneself home this 3 small building, the host of 31 yulan square had ghost idea in the heart.3. When the demolition staff approached the door of the three-story house, they were brimming with confidence.In the previous negotiations, every household accepted their conditions happily. After all, at that time, the conditions they offered were already very superior, which can also be seen the sincerity and importance of the Shenzhen Municipal government.As for 31 Yulan Place, the municipal government and China Resources Group attach great importance to it, because it is located at the intersection of Hubei Village. This land is also very important and plays a key role in the later reconstruction plan.Therefore, the staff of the demolition office and the development business prepared for this to be more generous than before to negotiate with the owner of no. 31, I believe that under the conditions they give, the owner of No. 31 Yulan Square will readily agree to the demolition requirements.But to their surprise, they were shocked by the numbers revealed by the owner of 31 Magnolia Place.”Three hundred million?Did I hear you right?”When the staff at the scene heard the owner’s words, they were scared.Originally, they had planned to pay $10 million for the house, which was much higher than the other residents, but if the owner had a strong appetite, they had prepared an upward payment of $5 million, which meant they could pay as much as $15 million.If that doesn’t work, then you need to go back and report back and decide whether to give the homeowner more money.But the owner of the house came up with such an unpredictable number that even the staff on the scene could have clearly refused.”Yes, it is 300 million, not 300 million want to let me demolition that is a daydream!”The attitude of the owner is very firm, he has already inquired about the importance of his house for this renovation plan, so he is determined to take advantage of this opportunity to open the lion, his greedy desire to meet all.3. Seeing the owner’s attitude was so firm, the staff could only sigh and leave angrily. After returning to their work unit, they reported the matter to their superiors.After hearing yulan fang 31 homeowner after excessive demands, the leadership of the shenzhen municipal government is very angry, immediately said the project is conducive to the common people, the city must not be someone’s “fundraising tools”, in the send someone talk about a few times in the past, if he is determined to ask for so much, that regardless of their home, let him conceited.After receiving the order of the superior, the staff member went to Magnolia Square 31 and talked about 5 times with the owner successively, but no matter how the staff member advises, the owner does not loosen his mouth from beginning to end however.As a result, No. 31 yulan Square has become a very conspicuous nail in the transformation of the commercial district of Hubei Village.The owners of 31 Magnolia Place thought that if he didn’t back down, the government and developers would bow to his demands in the face of the scale of the renovation plan.To his surprise, things went beyond his expectations.On September 23, 2012, at the first shareholders’ meeting and hubei Old Village urban renewal intention voting meeting, more than 97% of the villagers in Hubei agreed to vote on the Hubei Village reconstruction project, which was in charge of China Resources Land.Thus, the vigorous transformation plan of Lake Bay village finally began to act.Through the cooperation of the government and China Resources Group, hubei village, which was once dilapidated, has been transformed into a prosperous business district in just two years.As the surrounding business district takes shape and neighbors move out of the neighborhood to live in upscale neighborhoods, the owners of 31 Magnolia Lane are starting to worry.He didn’t expect that the government and the developer would really ignore his house, so he was so angry that he filed a lawsuit against the developer, and his reason was that the developer did not demolish his house.The court could not be deceived by such an absurd reason.After all, it was the owner himself who was unwilling to demolish the house and put forward very excessive requirements. How can it be feasible to cry to the court now?After some investigation and evidence collection, the judge dismissed the complaint of the owner of 31 Magnolia Place in court.Today, passers-by in downtown Shenzhen are drawn to one of the dilapidated three-story buildings in the city’s high-rises and commercial streets, a shabby structure that stands out in such a busy city.And the owner of the house is still living the same as more than a decade ago, sometimes lack of water and electricity, sometimes leak wind and rain hard life.Later, when the business district has been completed, the owner of No. 31 Yulan Fang saw that the decision had been made, so he found the developer and told them that he had agreed to the agreement of adding 10 million yuan to the upscale community they proposed before, hoping to remove his house again.But by then it was too late.After the business district was completed, we found that the location of Yulan Fang was not as important as we imagined, so the developer rejected the request of the owner, and told him that he could only demolish with the help of the government and pay a sum of money to carry out, all the compensation conditions proposed by them before all become invalid.In the end, the owner of 31 Magnolia Place broke his teeth and swallowed what he had sown.It’s hard to feel sorry for him.