What happened 44 years ago when no. 368 train ran through the station without a driver, killing 106 people

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On the evening of December 15, 1978, train No. 368 left Xi ‘an for Xuzhou.The train is driving named Ma Xiangchen, the co-pilot is Yan Jingfa, both are experienced old drivers.Time passed quickly, and soon it was early morning on The 16th, and most of the passengers had fallen asleep.Just then, the train arrived at Lankao station.According to regulations, train no. 368 will stop at Lankao station for six minutes and wait for train No. 87, which is traveling in the same direction, to pass before continuing on its way.When train 368 was about to arrive at Lankao station, it adjusted its speed to 40 kilometers per hour so that it could stop right inside lankao station.However, the driver of Train 368 was in a very bad state of mind, his eyelids were swinging uncontrollably and he was about to fall asleep at any moment.Then, the co-pilot raised his hand and patted the co-pilot sitting next to him, asking him to help steer the train so that he could slow down.Unexpectedly, the co-pilot of train 368 was asleep in his seat and did not respond to the driver’s slap.Soon, the train arrived at Lankao station, the station staff on duty to see the train although has slowed down, but there is no sign of stopping, quickly opened the station red signal light, to remind the driver to stop.In the cockpit of train no. 368, the pilot failed to beat the co-pilot and fell asleep, unable to see the emergency signal.So, in the station watchman’s startled voice, train 368 out of Lankao station, and in the driverless state, continue to move forward.Meanwhile, train no. 87, which had no idea what was happening on train No. 368, continued to run at high speed.After a while, train 368 arrived at the no. 1 switch at Yangzhuang Station.Just then, a thrilling scene happened!The driver of train no. 87 spotted train No. 368 moving forward and quickly sounded the siren of train No. 368 to stop.But train no. 368 never responded, and the driver of Train No. 87 fell into a panic and kept sounding his siren.Finally, at 3 am on The 16th, the operator of Train 368 was awakened by the honking of train 87.As soon as Matei woke up, he saw the oncoming train no. 87 and pulled the train’s emergency brake.But it was too late. The two cars were too close together, and the inertia made it impossible for train 368 to stop immediately.When the two cars were about to collide, Ma made a conscious leap and jumped out of the side window.Almost at the same time, Yan Jingfa also woke up, saw the situation, followed Ma Xiangchen jumped out.Escape two people just stand at the edge of the railway, heard behind a “bang -” a loud bang, two cars collided!The cars 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Train 87 were thrown directly off the tracks by Train 368, which then disintegrated and broke into three sections.The powerful impact of the collision broke the eighth and ninth cars into pieces, and some passengers lost consciousness before they could react.Of course, the railway was not spared either. Fourteen of the rails were mangled and scattered all over the side of the track, while 308 sleepers were crushed to powder.It was a very tragic scene.Staff at the station were on the scene quickly and reported the situation to their superiors.Very soon, county public security bureau, health bureau, traffic bureau and other relevant departments on the emergency dispatch of 11 large buses rushed to the scene of the accident.Rao is already a psychological preparation of the rescue workers, after arriving at the scene, was also shocked by the situation at the moment, quiet night, beside the railway carriage is scattered out of the body, like death comes as frightening.Rescue efforts began quickly, with rescue workers helping train staff evacuate surviving passengers before loading injured passengers onto buses and taking them to local hospitals.Meanwhile, workers quickly began cleaning up the site, removing damaged tracks and replacing them with new ones.Finally, after nine hours and three minutes, the railway reopened to traffic.After the statistics, the accident caused 106 deaths, 171 minor injuries, 47 serious injuries.Moreover, the locomotive of Train no. 368 and Train No. 87 were irreversibly damaged, and most of the parts were smashed to pieces.The eighth and ninth carriages of train no. 87 are no longer in use.An investigation team was set up to investigate the cause of the tragic accident.However, when investigators found the pilot and co-pilot of Train 368, they claimed that Ma failed to stop in time because the pump stopped and the low wind pressure caused the brake valve of the train to malfunction.Yan jingfa said he was not in the cab at the time of the accident, but had been in the machinery room to check the train.Interrogation, investigators keenly feel the panic of Ma Xiangchen and Yan Jingfa.Investigators then examined the train’s braking system and distributor pumps.It soon became clear that the train’s braking system had been activated before the crash.That means the train’s brake valves didn’t fail either.And the sub-pump of the train, also did not find any traces of fault.Ma Xiangchen and Yan Jingfa’s lies were quickly exposed.In addition, investigators also called wang Xi ‘an, the operating director of Train no. 368, for questioning.It was soon discovered that Wang xi ‘an had not been monitoring the train at his post at the time of the incident, but had been discussing with relevant staff in the baggage room about extending the train’s stop time at Lankao Station.Investigators will soon get the train brake system and air pump inspection results in front of Ma xiangchen and Yan Jingfa, two people freaked out, this will be the day of the incident to the real situation.Investigators learned that the day before the original incident, aware of his night shift ma Xiangchen had returned home early in the day to make up for sleep.However, there was a processing plant near Ma’s house, and the noise of machinery running in the processing plant was so loud that he couldn’t sleep at all. This led to him being extremely tired when driving the train, and he fell asleep unconsciously.Unfortunately, yan Jingafa, the deputy driver of the 368 train, was busy changing his registered permanent residence to his parents recently. The day before the incident, he was still busy with things at home. He had not been able to rest in his room because he had to take care of his children.So when going to work in the evening, an inattentive, Yan Jingfa entered dreamland.After an investigation into the cause of the accident became clear, relevant authorities filed a lawsuit against Ma xiangchen, Yan Jingfa and Wang Xi ‘an.On October 20, 1979, the Yangzhuang train collision was heard in the relevant people’s court.On the court, the relevant lawyers put forward Ma Xiangchen and Yan Jingfa is not intentionally made of this accident, and the two people dereliction of duty is really related to the family situation of two people, asking the court to light sentence.Ma was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Yan to five years in prison, and Wang was also sentenced to three years in prison with a three-year reprieve.In addition, compensation has been paid to the families of the victims.Of course, the accident left behind not only the grief of the victims, but also the lessons learned by the relevant authorities.Until today, in each station of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, the twelve characters “violation of regulations is murder, violation of regulations is suicide” are clearly visible, reminding relevant staff to abide by the law.At the same time, it is also hoped that relevant industries can learn lessons, improve their own rules and regulations, strengthen the warning and training of relevant staff, so as to prevent similar accidents from happening again.