How many years will rural hollow houses be demolished?Is there any compensation?How much is it per square meter?

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From the development of rural areas in recent years, with the continuous outward migration of population, the phenomenon of empty hollow houses in rural areas is becoming more and more serious.Due to the lagging economic development in some rural areas, few employment opportunities and other reasons, many farmers have moved out for work or hukou, and there are many hollow houses in the countryside.In recent years, the country has paid more attention to the rural land and housing issues. In addition to the demolition of private and disorderly houses, the rural unmanaged enclosures, dilapidated houses and empty empty houses have also been comprehensively cleaned up.So how many years will rural hollow houses not be demolished?Is there any compensation?How much is it per square meter?The following small make up for your interpretation.How many years will rural hollow houses be demolished?Hollow room is to point to long-term idle, abandoned, dilapidated, dilapidated, have security hidden danger and build new did not tear down old or do not accord with the “one family one house” policy of dangerous old adobe house.In rural areas, houses that have not been lived in for a long time and have not been repaired by anyone, and can no longer meet the normal living needs of the dilapidated houses, mainly adobe houses, and the illegal construction of “hollow houses”, will be demolished.Where the land-use right of hollow houses in rural areas or house sites that have not been restored for use for more than two years after collapse or demolition has been determined, the collective shall report to the people’s government at the county level for approval, cancel its land registration, and the land shall be taken back by the collective.As long as the houses above the homestead do not collapse or lose, farmers still have the right to use the houses, which will not be recovered or demolished by the state.However, if the owner of a hollow house in a rural area is a rural child who belongs to an urban household registration, there is no two-year use period after the hollow house collapses or is demolished.Their homestead will be taken back by the village collective, because the hukou has been moved out, after the collapse of the house no longer enjoy the use of the homestead.Is there compensation for the demolition of rural hollow houses?Rural hollow house demolishes, want not to violate regulations only building, have compensatory.If the demolition is not built on the original base of the hollow house, generally in accordance with the standard of 40 yuan -120 yuan per square meter compensation.If it is renovation or repair of dilapidated houses, five guarantee households, poor households, low-income households, registered card households are compensated.How much money does rural hollow house demolish fill a square meter?The standards for the demolition of hollow houses in rural areas will be set according to the local conditions and the risk level of the houses.In Hunan, for example, the subsidy is about 22,000 yuan per household.In Chongqing, one mu of homestead, can get about 100,000-200,000 yuan compensation, that is to say, in Chongqing, the demolition of rural hollow house compensation of about 150-300 yuan per square meter.And in some places of Liaoning, medium-sized homestead, can get compensation of about 50,000 yuan.Pingshan Township, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province, is offering farmers 40 yuan per square meter of compensation based on the floor area of demolished buildings.The country is concerned to the area that hollow house dismantls and the size of house base with the compensation standard that place is in, want to consult local government branch specifically.Note: not all hollow houses in rural areas will be compensated for demolition. Now the principle of “one house, one house” is implemented in rural areas. If the hollow houses are of the nature of “one house, one house”, the undemolished buildings should be demolished, or the illegal buildings will not be compensated for demolition.To sum up, this is the interpretation of the compensation for the demolition of rural hollow houses. The rural hollow houses not only affect the appearance of the village, but also cause the waste of land resources. In general, the empty houses that are not lived in by ordinary people and not taken care of and built illegally will be demolished.But rural hollow houses can not be demolished at will, the demolition of hollow houses to the consent of the original residents, if the hollow houses pose a threat to the villagers, the village committee can only request the administrative departments with the right to demolish them according to law.The compensation standard for the demolition of hollow houses is based on the actual situation in each region and the risk level of the house. Many farmers can also be compensated for the voluntary withdrawal of hollow houses, but the compensation standard is different across the country. Specific policies can be consulted by local government departments.