The king of Thailand’s vision is not how, choose a beauty in the palace alone, the other side top a chicken nest head which has the original United States

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The king’s choice of Sirami as his wife shows that this man is a man of good taste, but that may be just the appearance.In other marriages of King Of Thailand, he really showed his own aesthetic taste, and a simple comparison can be analyzed that the king of Thailand is not good at vision, his abandonment of the original wife is very irrational, and even his rebellious heart is at fault.The king of Thailand has a wife who has the most children for him, and that woman is Yuwada, and before Yuwada and the king of Thailand married, they were only lovers, but did not marry.It is well known that the king’s fate was arranged at an early age. Sirikit, his mother, did almost everything for her son. He had a detailed schedule of where he would go to school, when he would get engaged, when he would get married, and when he would even have children.After arranging too many things, Kingview gradually lost his ability to plan his life, but in love, which he valued, he became rebellious again.He resented the choice of sirikit, his mother, and Sonsawali, his father’s hand-picked daughter-in-law, by King Bhumibol adulyadej, as a new way for the family to control and monitor him.So the king decided to choose a beautiful woman of his own and live alone outside the palace to prove to his parents that he was mature enough to handle the responsibilities of a family.To prove himself to his parents, the king and the girl had five children in a row, four of them sons.Male care is so important to Thailand’s royal family that Yuwada was just 16 when she gave birth to the king, and just 17 when she gave birth.One after another of the children, so that Yu Wada lost contact with the outside world, she not only interrupted their career, but also with the King of Thailand had a dark life.It is no exaggeration to say that from the age of 16 to the age of 25, Yuvada was a machine when she was either pregnant, giving birth, breast-feeding or preparing for pregnancy.This lifestyle has also transformed Yuvada from a young girl into a dowdy woman, and she has even had a chicken nest perm in pursuit of her old fashion sense, which has not helped her look any better.The king’s rebellion was initially ignored by his father. King Bhumibol and Queen Siriji looked after his eldest daughter, Princess Pachala, the only grandchild they acknowledged at the palace.Princess Songsha Wali, as the original wife of the King of Thailand, is also much more beautiful than Yuvada. She is not only noble, but also has connotations. She is very kind and persistent about marriage.Unfortunately, the King of Thailand was clumsy and could not see the beauty of the original match. Under the control of his parents, he just wanted to be a rebellious child and set up a small family outside the palace to demonstrate to the palace.The king is unhappy with his father, King Bhumibol, for making princess Sirindhorn, his sister, crown princess. He also does not want to have any more children, especially a son, with King Bhumibol’s favourite daughter-in-law, Princess Somsawali, who is likely to take his place.It was because of this mentality that he and Yuvada had one child and then another, and he felt relieved when the four children were born.He did not have much affection for his sons, but used them as tools to compete with their father, and even to blackmail King Bhumibol.After King Bhumibol acknowledged the children, Yuwada also moved into the crown Prince’s palace and became a princess.The girl who used to be the head of the chicken nest has suddenly become a lot more noble, and the dress is no longer as unreasonable as before. However, compared with princess Songsawali before she became fat, There is nothing remarkable about Yuvada’s appearance, and the king’s vision is really not worthy of recognition.Her children were not beautiful, and when several princes gained serious royal status, they were feared by their fathers and eventually abandoned abroad.The king of Thailand’s vision is not good, the sense of responsibility is not good, his attitude towards marriage is very undesirable, with a rebellious heart to hide their love of the new, but also self-deception.The King of Thailand not only gave up the original match, gave up Yuvada, but also gave up the good Sirami, he kept doing, kept tossing, now 70 years old, but also not idle.He is the most despised monarch in the royal family, and his relationship with other members of the royal family is very ordinary. Such an ego is not fit to lead the monarchy, his vision and his rebellious heart should be well honed.