Which SUVs can show your high status?Linke 01, Linke, Hafu god beast?

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Which SUVs can show your high status?Linke 01, Linke, Hafu god beast?Hello, you finally come in. Do you miss me, dear friends?Xiaobian here waiting for a long time, first of all sincerely thank you for your guidance, and wish your excellency a day of gold, step by step promotion, without delay, xiaobian today said about these mobility cars:As you know, THE chassis of SUV is quite high, which not only has the outstanding advantages of low fuel consumption and wide application range, but also gives a feeling of being pure and neat, which is the competitiveness that “non-SUV” cannot compete with. Therefore, it is supported by a lot of friends.The following will be a very relevant new level for the ladies to talk about these three dazzling, high appearance level SUV models, they are the author’s experience since the car overview.Let’s see if there’s a favorite SUV.The first model: LYNk 01 Sales Profile: under the leadership of lynk brand, lynk 01 has certainly had a strong sales performance since its launch on the market, and lynk 01 has been sold at a very low price, which has won the favor and pursuit of many car lovers.According to the public news, the recent period of lynk 01 on a further step.It proudly sold 30,300 units and retained the 76th place in the SUV performance list. From this, it can be seen that lynk 01 has made considerable progress. At the same time, lynk 01 is one of the most outstanding high-quality Internet celebrity SUVs in the domestic auto market with a large number of talents, and its performance is even stronger than other mainstream competitive models.In other words, lynk 01 is not very high in the rankings, but the core strength of lynk 01 is one of the outstanding models.The reason is obvious, because the lynk 01’s extraordinary market influence is trusted by consumers in the market, and both in terms of handling and sports, it is easy to beat the common high-end mainstream models in the market.In my opinion: The market influence of LYNk 01 is absolutely beyond doubt, and the sales performance of lynk 01 is expected to be exciting in the next stage.The exterior design of LYNk 01 is particularly handsome and arrogant, the thickness of the paint is well handled, and the side waist line of lynk 01 runs from the front part to the rear of the car, which will not lag behind in the next three, five, seven years.In addition, the shiny front, and the colorful sunken lines slightly up, beautiful and skinny, and a group of halogen lights like eagle’s eye, look particularly tall.Figure comment on: the front row position of get gram 01 is te capacious, see go up very atmosphere.Its overall utility rate is undoubtedly very good, the utility is quite good.Lynk 01 is 4549mm long, 1860mm wide, and 1689mm high. Basically, several female colleagues will not feel crowded when the space in the back row is full.This shows that Lingke 01 can match the needs of daily use.In addition, the trunk of the LYNk 01 opens at a large Angle, so a lot of stuff can be packed into it visually.Practical aspect is very good, is absolutely the kind of type that xiaobian especially likes.In terms of power, I am very excited about the power performance of the LYNk 01. The peak power of the lynk 01 is 254 wheels, and the advanced 8-gear automatic transmission is an excellent power configuration. Many friends think the power performance of lynk 01 is very good.It is worth mentioning that the aluminum alloy is another advantage of the LYNk 01, thus providing outstanding compression performance.Also, the LYNk 01 only offers a turbine-powered engine: it has a 2.0-ton engine, according to the website, and the latest version has a 2.0-ton engine.Car friends say that lynk 01 is the most attractive SUV in the range of 200,000 grade.The new Lynk 01 looks completely changed, with a very aggressive and stylish front.At the same time, the space of the LYNk 01 is definitely comfortable and enjoyable to wade through, and the handling is also great, which is one of the key reasons why it is so popular with the public.Car owner’s comment 2: The fuel consumption of LYNk 01 is not too high, it should be because the precision of the process has been improved a lot, so the fuel economy of Lynk 01 is particularly good.In fact, my lynk 01 runs relatively much in the city, and sometimes I will go to the highway. The fuel consumption is not very big, and the fuel consumption value is about 9 liters/km. Generally speaking, the fuel consumption performance is acceptable, and the SUV model must be relatively fuel-efficient.So many friends were satisfied, and colleagues unanimously praised Lynk 01 as the best.But if the air conditioning is turned on then the fuel consumption of the Lynk 01 should be slightly higher.Xiaobian is an inexperienced student in school. As long as you squeeze a little travel fee, it is estimated that it is enough to spend oil for ten days or eight days.So that’s pretty cool right now.Even if the temporary suspension adjustment time is not very long, but it does not matter, then the power system and then deep runnin, the next fuel consumption of Lynk 01 will be more considerable.Industry evaluation: I believe there are many little brothers have this feeling:The collar g 01 chassis of some hard all the time, even though g 01 can give you the driver provides a special excellent dynamic performance, but when entering the speed bumps, you’d better get two pieces of PP was prepared to shake up, if you are not very flexible body of the old man’s house, then sit inside may be aware of the stock “p” some uncomfortable.In the process of moving forward often can be aware of a continuous rattle, especially in the face of potholes or steep slope of the road will be more serious, and fuel up to be able to feel the vehicle power is very small, looking for after-sales, but later said not clear specific situation.In addition, 1. I felt the peculiar smell of the air conditioner of LYNk 01 when I just got it home.3. The vision effect of the near-light light may be quite unclear in rainy road conditions. The collar of model 2 is full of sporty feeling, which makes the author involuntarily have a unique feeling that he can’t help but look at it a few times.Intense LED the world before the face, have a lot of momentum, like a lovely matchless the lion’s head, the first size is moderate, is relatively sharp and at the same time, brought the world treated with blackened the doorknob appropriately to adorn some of the large size, gleaming chrome plated adornment also LED headlamp unit located on on both sides of the star-studded, look pretty sharp in the evening.And the side of the body of the collar is still very good to look at, the side of the waist line design is very smooth, soft, as if the point dragon pen as dazzling, effectively opened the lateral vision of the whole front part of the Angle.And gloss processing is better, the whole is very durable.The territory is outstanding wherever it goes.The tail box is relatively intimate, while the two LED taillights in the back row move me very much, and it is quite cool when lit up.In a word, the whole appearance of the collar is particularly appealing to the busymen.My old friend originally bought the collar mainly for the cool style.Lin Eldest brother, a famous car critic, said: I will go to the terminal store to shake a few times in my spare time because of work. At present, I feel that the new collar sound insulation effect is in place, driving very quiet, even if the quality is so heavy, but also so long, but the comprehensive performance is quite flexible.The third model hafu God beast 130,000-167,000 appearance: The appearance of hafu God beast is very attractive to the public, super lovely, the grille is particularly close to the current trend, very beautiful.In addition, the shape of the front face of the Hafu god beast headlights is very youthful, the chassis is low, still solid, generally speaking, or a little biased to the characteristics of luxury SUV.Waist line with a thick body, grade sense of weight, on the other hand, the taillight is very bright, especially on the night of the moon is more dazzling.Strewn at random, generally speaking, Hafu god beast is more tangible, look up to have a sense of science and technology.Anyway, the God beast of Harvard is very good-looking!Interior advantages hafu god beast interior can be said to be a bar, full of materials, assembly process is very good, error control, and the rotating button and the entity button does not appear the slightest loose phenomenon, completely live the Great Wall logo.In addition, the luxury steering wheel grip of Hafu God Beast is also “thief” “lose” to accept, the direction is also very accurate, so that the steering and cornering process is easier.It is commendable that the driving seat of Hafu God beast is not soft or hard, and the processing of the fit degree is also very good, and the use of environmental protection materials for packaging, the author thinks that the seat of Hafu God beast is relatively soft.I buy hafu god beast is mainly used to do small and medium-sized reception, customers are very comfortable to sit.And the smell of haval is almost non-existent.And you can’t hear the noise in the car.Therefore, driving for long periods of time is also safe and reliable.The acceleration response of the Harf is top notch.Just as the original milk tea is generally comfortable, acceleration is not dragging, the car as long as you step on the accelerator twice, immediately personally experience the power of hafu god beast is particularly explosive.There is a strong sense of push and back, noise reduction performance is also quite good, speed up the process is not at all feel the following engine assembly exit and intervention, this is quite great.In addition, since its power is relatively abundant, and MY daily attendance is mainly, so there is no need to improve its power performance too much.Hafu god beast owner white uncle said: The biggest bright spot of Hafu god beast is the appearance style is particularly good, especially aggressive side leakage, the total length of Hafu god beast is nearly five meters, the headlamp looks particularly moving, the atmosphere after lighting up is quite shining.And hafu god beast in the net part of the layout of the mouth, decorated with dazzling chrome material surface, and the following bright decorative plate complementary advantages, look very fashionable and sexy, Hafu god beast wheel elements are quite good-looking, the size is also very moderate, the whole style is particularly in place.I felt it was very tall for a walk.The side view is sporty, the bumper is safe, is typical of the round style, revealing a fresh and elegant luxury feeling.The car drives very quietly!The trunk of the Harf god beast is good enough to fit three or four suitcases without a problem.In a word, the price ratio of Hafu god beast is quite reliable, the top matching hafu god beast without 16W tickets can take home, it is wonderful there is no dissatisfaction.Juyou review 2: I mainly engaged in logistics industry, which is like high-profile, common car, I’m not too not bashful to open out after start the car, however, each time to go out with wife, children feel special “face”, touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, science and technology are also very cool, children often ask me outside harvard god beast is what?I told you the Harf was your dad’s ride.Juyou review 3: satisfied, I satisfied with the harvard god beast, of course, is special, not only the price super good, and comfort is great, I was particularly fond of the car, thank god now finally is to buy a car belonging to their harvard god beast, driving the car also particularly comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of many of my.Car friends review 4: Hafu god beast power te foot, like an electric car, comments on the above general introduction of the link 01, the link and hafu god beast, their price is 10.98W, 130,000W and 179,800 yuan.As you know, the suggested retail price of the same model and the actual transaction price of 4S are indeed relatively large.It is understood that the lowest transaction price of Lingke 01 is 174,800 RMB, while lingjie and Hafu God Beast are as high as 13.48W and 13.00W. Therefore, the gap between the three is relatively large. I wonder whether you like Lingke 01 or Lingjie?Here, thank you for your reading, and sincerely wish the friends of the fate of the car, horse to success.Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you like the above.