Biathlon men’s relay: Norway wins, China finishes 16th

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The biathlon competition at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games continued with Norway making a comeback in the men’s 4 x 7.5km relay with christiansen’s outstanding shooting performance on the final leg to win the gold medal in 1 hour 19.50 seconds.The Chinese team finished 16th.Biathlon men’s relay event is the strength of the European team, Norway, France, Germany and the Russian Olympic Team have a very strong strength.Each team consists of four competitors, each of whom skates 7.5 kilometers and shoots 2 times.Each shot has five rounds and three spare rounds.If the athlete runs out of spare bullets and misses the target, he or she will be penalized. For each miss, he or she will have to slide around the 150-meter penalty zone.The First leg of the Russian Olympic Team, Khalili, showed a solid performance in shooting and took the lead in 19 minutes 40.9 seconds. Belarus and France were second and third, and Norway was only seventh.Xinhua News Agency the Russian Olympic Committee team of the second, third baton Lojinov, Tsvetkov are good performance, although Lojinov used two spare bullets, but did not need to penalty circle.The Russian Olympic Team was in first place at the second and third baton exchanges and was increasing its lead.France, Norway and Germany are ranked second through fourth going into the final leg.The final leg of the standing shot was dramatic as Ratpov of the Russian Olympic Committee missed the target twice and had to skate two laps in the penalty area.Norway’s Christiansen hit five shots to catapult him to the top.Norway took a lead of more than 20 seconds when France’s Jean-Pierre Maye lost time by using his spare bullet.In the final ski sprint, Christiansen held the lead and crossed the finish line in 1 hour 19.50 seconds.France finished second, 27.4 seconds behind the Russian Olympic Team.The Chinese team, consisting of Cheng Fangming, Yan Xingyuan, Zhang Chunyu and Zhu Zhenyu, finished 16th in 1 hour 26.27.5 seconds.China’s best record in this event was 14th in the Previous Winter Olympics, but it was not easy to finish the relay with Norway, France, Sweden, Germany and other strong teams compared to the previous Winter Olympics.The first stick set out cheng Fangming play particularly outstanding, once will be ranked to the fourth.He was also satisfied with his overall performance after the game.Yan Xingyuan, another player, said his teammates and opponents played well, but the wind had some influence on his performance. He failed to perform his horizontal and vertical shots, and his physical advantage did not show.(the original title: biathlon man relay: Norway, the Chinese team got 16) source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li Yuanfei 陈嘉堃 Deng Fangjia process editor: u010