China’s fertility rate is on the decline, young people are reluctant to have children?National Health Commission: will study to introduce more active birth support measures!

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The national family health committee: support measures will also be developed our reporter Dong Chao lunar New Year countdown lunar 24 care times staff wish you all a healthy body Everything goes well recently, the national health committee will implement the “the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council about optimization of fertility policy decision” to promote the development of the population long-term balanced development practice and experience of held a conference.For fertility decline in 2021, relevant support policy does not work, family division, deputy director of the national health committee population jin-rui Yang said, implement three child birth policy and related support measures, is to prevent birth population decline further, the realization moderate fertility, promote the population long-term balanced development.China’s fertility rate is on a downward trend in 2021, data showed.In recent years, the scale of women of childbearing age in China, especially in the fertile period, has declined.Young people’s concept of marriage and childbearing has changed, and their willingness to bear children continues to decline.The high cost of childbearing, upbringing and education increases young people’s concerns about childbearing.In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has also had an impact on marriage and childbearing arrangements for some people.At the meeting, Song Jian, deputy director of the Population and Development Research Center at Renmin University of China, said that most countries and regions around the world are facing the challenge of low fertility rate and have taken various measures to deal with it.It can be roughly divided into three categories: the first category is time support measures, including maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave and other related leave systems.The second category is financial support, including allowances for children, allowances for families and various care allowances for parents, as well as tax breaks.The third category is service support.Service support policies include community-based childcare, public childcare institutions, home-based assistance, after-school care and so on.After the implementation of the three-child policy in China, various local departments are actively improving supporting measures, taking multiple measures simultaneously to promote the implementation of the optimized birth policy.Yang jinrui said, there are several main aspects: first, solid progress in the revision of relevant policies and regulations.Three administrative regulations including the Measures for the Administration of The Collection of Social Maintenance Fees were abolished.Second, we will accelerate the introduction of various birth support measures.The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have put forward a proposal to include the cost of care services for infants under the age of 3 in the special deduction of individual income tax. The Medical Insurance Bureau has guided local governments in the payment of the three-child policy and maternity allowance. The Ministry of Education has promoted the “double reduction” policy.Twenty-three departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, issued a guideline on Promoting the construction of child-friendly cities.Third, we will improve prenatal and postnatal care services.The Action Plan for Improving maternal and Child Safety (2021-2025) will be issued to further consolidate the five-point system for maternal and child safety.Fourth, actively promote the development of childcare service system.Fifth, we will effectively protect the rights and interests of families with special family planning requirements.The NHC and the Ministry of Finance will study ways to raise the standard of special subsidies for family planning.At the same time, the China Family Planning Association and other social organizations have been brought into play to help families with family planning.Yang Jinrui pointed out that population reproduction is different from material reproduction. The cycle of population reproduction is long, and there are many influencing factors. The factors of fertility decision-making are very complex and involve various aspects.At present, the three-child policy has not been implemented for a long time, and the supporting positive birth support measures are also being introduced one after another, so it is difficult to show obvious effects in the short term.According to Song jian’s analysis, the key to slowing down the decline in births in the future is whether the fertility rate can be improved.We need to accelerate the development of a policy system to support childbirth, ease the pressure on the people, promote age-appropriate marriage and childbearing, and boost fertility.”China is studying and learning from successful international experiences, such as extending maternity leave and setting up parental leave.However, China has its own unique national conditions and cannot copy foreign experience. We should take measures in line with the national conditions and explore our own experience.””For the next step, local governments and departments will introduce a series of supporting measures with a view to promoting the implementation of the central Government’s decision and various policies and measures, focusing on the most desirable work of the people, such as fertility, upbringing and education.”Yang jinrui said.The pictures from the network editor | | Dong Chao wan on duty, director of the | | contribute Fan Hongbo reproduced and | | 010-62969002 turned 8486, email: