Explore Guangdong!Zhao Rui review, Xu Xin crazy lu iron, all new stars practice, Du Feng take medicine conditioning body

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Guangdong has been training for almost two weeks now. In this case, Teacher Zhu Liyu completed the camp and gave some key points.Among them, Zhao Rui did not return to the team, but the main reason is because he needs a review.After all, he suffered an injury and will not be able to return to the team until after a review.Estimation after a few days, Zhao Rui can run in with the whole team.Besides, many young players are still training there.Especially the young players who have been promoted recently, they all started training early.However, in terms of speed, Zhao Jinyang’s speed is faster than Tang Jie, may be better because of all efforts.And Xu Xin has been lifting iron all this time.In fact, according to the previous exposure of the video, Xu Xin is in special training their own strength.More importantly, Xu Xin’s waist and abdomen strength training has reached 400 pounds, if this training amount can be maintained, Xu Xin will indeed be a big surprise.But also to ensure health, we do not want to cause a big injury because of training, look forward to the third stage of Xu Xin’s growth, after all, the window period has been to check and fill gaps.Zhang Hao is still unable to carry out confrontational training.It was a bad sprained ankle, but it’s probably done.Now Zhang hao is basically doing some shooting and other non-confrontational training, he should be no problem in the game.According to the injury report, Zhang Hao’s injury time is not regular season reimbursement.Among them, Du Feng is the most worrying.Because the whole year without any rest, du Feng has been taking medicine to regulate his body.And Du feng already has white hair, which is also a testament to his hard work.Even during the live broadcast, numerous fans wished Du Feng good health.However, after the CBA, there will be national team competitions waiting for Du Feng, it is really not easy, let a person feel distressed.