Three meetings between Qian Zhimin and Zeng Yuqun

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Zeng yuqun met again with Qian Zhimin.On January 21, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times (SZ: 300750), and his party came to Building 1, Yard 29, Beisanhuan Middle Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, where one of the five central power generation enterprises – The State Power Investment Headquarters Building is located.As a “hospitable” host, Qian Zhimin, chairman of the state Power Investment Corporation and secretary of the Party Group, personally came forward to welcome it.The two sides smiled and talked like old friends.In fact, this is the third time that Chien and Zeng yuqun have met.China Energy Network ( noted that compared with the previous two, this time following Qian Zhimin received Zeng Yuqun the most luxurious lineup:Liu Mingsheng, deputy General Manager and party member of THE State Power Investment Corporation, Ju Lisheng, Administrative Director and Director of comprehensive Department of the State Power Investment Corporation, Hou Xuezhong, chief engineer of major projects and Director of Development Department, responsible persons of finance Department, Capital Department, Innovation Department, Ministry of Law and Commerce, fund companies, Fujian Companies and Business Model Innovation Center all attended the meeting.For this meeting, Zeng Yuqun brought a key person – Tan Libin, chief customer officer, vice president and president of energy storage Division of Ningde Times.In the year of 2021, state Power Investment and Ning De Times are both enjoying unlimited success in their respective fields.One is the “green Electricity King” among the five major state-owned electric power enterprises. The other is “Ning Wang”, whose market value is over one trillion yuan and ranks second only to Kweichow Moutai in A-share market.Behind the three meetings lies the two giants’ ambition to face the future together.Qian Zhimin and Zeng Yuqun “break the circle” and seek change, brewing out of a big chess.Wang Xing, founder of Meituan and Zeng Yuqun as fujian business, once revealed that Zeng Yuqun hung a picture in his office – “gambling strong”.This is not fujian people’s favorite “love to fight will win”, because Zeng Yuqun thought that “fight is physical work, and gambling is mental work”.For ning De times, behind the wild gambling, its own Track logic Of Zeng Yuqun.In fact, Ningde times and state power investment, both in its place on the track “bet” mental work, the two sides of the cross-border cooperation is even more so.On August 18, 2020, Qian Zhimin met with Zeng Yuqun at the headquarters of China Power Investment Corporation.Liu Mingsheng, member of the Party group and deputy general Manager of State Power Investment Corporation, and Huang Shirin, vice Chairman of Ningde Times, attended the meeting.For their first meeting, Mr Tsien and Mr Tsang were dressed casually, without the usual suits and ties, and without a tie on their white shirts.This first meeting is unlikely to have been “spontaneous”. There must have been some planning behind it.However, the state Power Investment Corporation’s press release is very brief on the content of their meeting and negotiation, only mentioning the cooperation space in energy storage and electric heavy card.But that was enough, because the key intent of the first contact between the two leaders has emerged.On March 11, 2021, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, visited the state Power Investment Corporation headquarters building for the second time.China Energy Network ( noted that in addition to qian Zhimin, secretary of the Party Group and chairman of China Power Investment, Fan Jihong, director of SCIENCE and Technology RESEARCH and development of China Power Investment and Party Secretary and chairman of Academia Sinica, Ju Lisheng, administrative director and director of the Comprehensive Department,Hou Xuezhong, chief engineer of major projects and Director of Development Department, and principals of innovation Department, industry Center and smart energy company and capital Holding company also attended the meeting.After the meeting, under the witness of Qian Zhimin and Zeng Yuqun, Liu Mingsheng, member of the party group and Deputy General Manager of CEIC, tan Libin, chief customer officer and senior vice president of Ningde Times and President of Energy Storage Business Division respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements on behalf of both sides.At the same time, Ningde Times also signed a landing agreement with The State Power Investment Smart Energy Company.Under the agreement, the two sides will cooperate on energy storage.At this point, the energy storage cooperation proposed by Qian Zhimin and Zeng Yuqun in their first meeting formally fell into reality.The cooperation between the two sides in the exchange of electric heavy card proposed in the first meeting has not been shelved.On January 21, 2022, Qian Zhimin and Zeng Yuqun held the third meeting, Zeng Yuqun said: “Ningde Times is willing to continue to play its advantages, actively contribute to the development and construction of the integration of national power investment, storage, light and wind, green electric transportation and other aspects, explore more business models and cooperation points.”By the end of November 2021, the total installed power capacity of the state power Corporation exceeded 190 million kw.Among them, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation, new energy power generation and renewable energy power generation totaled more than 100 million kw, ranking first in the world.To be specific, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in China is 38.05 million kW, a six-fold increase in the past five years, and the country continues to rank first in the world.The total installed wind power capacity is 36.16 million kw, ranking second in the world.The total installed capacity of hydropower is 23.97 million kilowatts, and electricity generation will reach 79.1 billion kilowatt hours in 2021.The installed nuclear power capacity reached 8.09 million kw, second only to China National Nuclear Power Corporation and China General Nuclear Power Corporation.As the proportion of renewable energy generation continues to increase, the national power Investment Corporation, the “top student” of green electricity, faces great challenges in electricity consumption.In this context, in addition to strengthening energy storage, the state Power Investment corporation’s energy transformation ideas point to green electric transportation, which has a huge space for cooperation with ningde era.China Energy Network ( noted that the State power Investment corporation has entered the field of green electric transportation since 2017. By the end of 2020, it has more than 5000 sets of heavy trucks and construction machinery, distributed in Beijing, Shanxi, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other places, with a total mileage of more than 6 million kilometers;There are 66 contracted power changing stations, and the charging and changing facilities are distributed in 14 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu.In February 2021, Zu Bin, then deputy secretary of the Party group and director of THE State Power Investment Group, also said that the state Power Investment Group would seek green electricity transformation in the next step, focusing on the layout of heavy trucks for electricity conversion, and green transportation fields such as hydrogen fuel cells.Zu bin mentioned that from now to 2025, the state Power Investment plan to increase the total investment of 115 billion yuan, promote the conversion of heavy trucks 200,000 units, construction machinery and other vehicles 370,000 units, add 4,000 power stations, 228,000 sets of batteries, and strive to promote the application of hydrogen fuel cells.If you want to achieve this goal smoothly, strengthen the cooperation with power battery manufacturers, is a top priority.Ningde Times is the world’s leading power battery, and its power battery products account for more than 56% of the Chinese market and more than 30% of the global market, both ranking first in the industry. Such strength is roughly enough with the state Power Investment Corporation.At the same time, in the cooperation with the state power investment, Ningde times is also making strategic breakthroughs.In recent years, the business of passenger car market has been unable to support ningde Times’ ambition for future growth. Therefore, Ningde Times is starting to open up a new growth curve, aiming at the energy storage market.Since 2018, Ningde Times began to increase its energy storage business. In June of that year, Ningde Times cooperated with Fujian Provincial Investment Group and Fujian Electric Power Survey and Design Institute to construct a large-scale lithium battery energy storage project of 2.4 billion yuan in Jinjiang city, Fujian Province.In January 2020, the first phase (30MW/108MWh) of Fujian Jinjiang Energy storage Power Station pilot project was successfully connected to the grid. Ningde Times was responsible for the system integration of the energy storage system of the project, in which the single cycle life of the energy storage battery can reach 12,000 times.In April 2019, Ningde Times and Costar (SZ: 002518) invested a total of 200 million yuan to establish an energy storage business company to develop and produce energy storage and charging pile and other related products, of which Ningde Times holds 51% and Costar holds 49%.On February 26, 2020, Ningde times announced that it intends to raise no more than 20 billion yuan in non-public share offering, for ningde Times Husi lithium battery expansion, Jiangsu Times power and energy storage lithium battery R & D and production, Sichuan Times power battery, electrochemical energy storage frontier technology reserve r & D and other four projects.The three meetings are of great significance to the state power Investment and Ningde era.The state Power Corporation, which has a large number of solar and nuclear hydropower plants in its hands, not only increases its energy storage capacity, but also makes more achievements in electrochemical energy storage and finds more possibilities to extend to the downstream of the industrial chain.From green electricity to green electricity transportation, the state power investment with the support of ningde era will be like a tiger with wings added.As for Ningde Times, which started with power batteries, it can jump out of the narrow circle of private car power batteries and expand commercial vehicles, construction machinery and energy storage business to a new level by cooperating with China Power Investment Corporation.What Ningde times can do, zeng Yuqun wants to do, is not only the product supplier of STATE Power Investment.In fact, in addition to green electric transportation, the next step of the cooperation between the two sides has more links to be revealed.Ningde Times announced on January 17 that it entered the field of electrical changing, and the State Power Investment Corporation was also entering the electrical changing station during the 14th Five-year Plan.On the other hand, state Power Investment is increasing investment in the field of fuel cells, and Ningde Times is also accelerating the layout of hydrogen cells.Bosses meet, intended to seek bureau;Giant cooperation, accelerate the breaking circle.(Please indicate the source, article source: China Energy Network, author: Liu Yang)