What was an Expo venue 20 years ago is now a shared office complex

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The project will transform the Expo Pavilion into a common office building, as well as add student dormitories and parking facilities.The team’s goal was to reinterpret the concept of the original project to commemorate the iconic pavilion, in accordance with the new functions of the two buildings.Six Dutch landscapes are folded into a tower, while the remaining areas become outdoor open Spaces within the Expo site.Over the years, it has become a well-known reference example of sustainable design because of its self-contained ecosystem.The new project maintains the concept of a “stacked landscape”, transforming the existing building and adding two terraced buildings along the boundary of the original open site.The renovated pavilion will serve as a common office area and meeting room, while the forest floor, ground “dune”, roof dome and external staircase will be retained.The larger of the two new buildings will serve as student dormitories, while the smaller will serve as offices and parking lots.These buildings enclose the site and step down to the west as an entrance to the site, reaching the landscaped courtyard and gathering centre.The terraced roof is shaped into a colorful terrace with gardens and sports facilities, down to study areas and a cinema.One of the larger buildings will have nine floors and 370 student apartments.The lowest level includes a bike parking system with more than 300 bike Spaces.Meanwhile, the smaller building has five floors above ground and a basement floor.The top three floors house offices and meeting rooms, while the basement and the first two floors house parking for the entire site.△ Axonometric diagram △ Square △ Floor analysis △ Volume analysis △ Function analysis –END–