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Among zeng Guofan’s circle of friends, his lifelong friends probably included Liu Rong and Zhu Yaojie from Xiangxiang, Guo Songtao from Xiangyin, Wu Minshu from Yueyang, and Ouyang Zhaoxiong from Xiangtan.Outside the province, anhui Huoshan Wu Tingdong, Hubei Wuhan Liu Chuanying.Among those who failed to die well were zhu Sunyi (from Jiangxi), Chen Qimai (from Changde), Zuo Zongtang (from Xiangyin) and Shen Baozhen (from Fujian).Feng Zhuohuai, from Changsha, was a friend who had been close and estranged from him, and this kind of lost and recovered friendship was relatively rare.Feng Zhuohuai, word Shutang, number jilou, Changsha, Hunan, was born in jiaqing eighteen years (1813), Daoguang nineteen years (1839) high school hunan township test solution yuan, that is, the first juren.Feng zhuohuai then went to Beijing to participate in the examination, and met Zeng Guofan, who had just passed the last year’s examination.In terms of age, he is two years younger than Zeng Guofan;In terms of imperial qualifications, he was five years later than Zeng Guofan.From native place, both belong to Changsha, Hunan province.The two quickly became close friends and even lived together for a time, with Feng serving as a tutor to Zeng’s eldest son, Zeng Jize.How good is their relationship?Zeng guofan said in his letter that Feng shutang, like Tang Jian and Woren, was a man of “practical experience” and “extremely modest, loving me like a brother and respecting me like a teacher”.He also said that Feng Shutang was “the most vigorous in his work”. He was a little sorry that his ninth brother could not play with him every day.At this time, Feng Zhuohuai was prepared to take the exam, and it was inevitable to work hard.In this regard, Zeng Guofan often complained about himself in his diary and set strict daily classes as Feng Zhuohuai did.In addition, the two also commented on each other’s diaries, Zeng guofan would often write some of the more scathing comments, while Feng Zhuohuai was easily silent.In 1842, Feng Zhuohuai was in his 30th year of imperial examination. Zeng Guofan wrote anti-Chang Song xing to encourage feng zhuohuai.In September of the following year, Zeng Guofan was appointed as the examiner of the sichuan provincial provincial examination. Feeling lonely during the journey, he wrote the poem “There is feng Shutang and Chen Daiyun in Zitong Road”, which shows the deep bond between them.When Zeng Guofan heard of his mother’s death in Xiaochi Yi, Taihu County, Anhui province on July 25, 1852, feng Zhuohuai happened to be with Chen Yuan-yan (styled Dai Yun), the governor of Chizhou, so he accompanied him to return to Xiang by boat. Zeng Guofan said to himself, “Feel relieved and lonely”.Feng Zhuohuai persisted until the third year of Xianfeng (1853), when he failed again in the spring examination, and then passed the great selection after the examination, and selected the post of learning full term in Wugang Prefecture, Hunan province.But before taking office, Zeng Guofan began to establish the Xiang Army, feng Zhuohuai and Guo Songtao together to help him raise rates, to the merit of the recommendation of acting sichuan Wan County county governor.Although Zeng Guofan was a little unhappy about their failure to go to war with them, in order to ensure a smooth career for his friends, he wrote a letter to Wang Qingyun, then governor of Sichuan, politely asking for feng zhuohuai’s attention on the grounds that feng zhuohuai had a sound voice.Feng Zhuohuai has been in Sichuan Wan County, Peng County, Huayang county and other counties for 4 years, diligent, planning to move to Guizhou promotion, but not with the boss, on the grounds of the death of his grandfather resigned mourning, not to return.In April 1860, Zeng Guofan became the acting governor of Liangjiang. He sent a letter to Feng Zhuohuai, who had been unemployed for a long time, to help him.In November, Feng Zhuohuai and Zhang Shoulin and others came to qimen County, Anhui province, where the temporary governor’s office was located, and was immediately ordered to supervise the diaolou around the county.However, because of a small item on the construction plan failed to fully follow the will of Zeng Guofan, was severely reprimanded in public, Feng felt embarrassed, then left.Although Zeng Guofan did not write down this matter in detail in his diary, he still had a clue in his letter to Guo Songtao brothers on the 7th day of February of the following year.He not only asked Guo Songtao to bring back the book Ying Huan Zhi Lue, which Feng zhuohuai had taken away, but also returned 200 liang of the 300 liang of silver he had given to his family last year, on the grounds that he felt too anonymous to receive it. This was obviously a gesture of not being in debt from now on.When Feng Zhuohuai name appeared in the diary zeng guofan, again is stagnation in April the first three years (1864), he heard Feng Zhuohuai unique meaning officialdom, even his best friend guo song-tao in stagnation after two years (1863) governor Ren Guangdong invited to join shogunate no promise, and special letter, both xie he persuade his brother had the huang don’t interfere in hunan local business,Also hope that he will return as soon as possible, whether to Go to Guangdong or Sichuan, please he can “not for a moment of the suspicion of fine medium, and mistake the meaning of lifelong source.”But the exhortation did not work.Zeng Guofan’s diary until March 18, 1871, zeng Guofan revealed in his diary that Feng Zhuohuai arrived in Nanjing on that day and checked into liangjiang Governor’s Office the next day.He said that he was an old friend of 30 years ago. It had been 10 years since qimen’s separation, but he hadn’t seen his age yet.And in the letter home, he confessed that recently began to reflect on his past SINS others, in addition to qimen and Feng Zhuohuai had “quarrel lost love”, the heart is guilty, followed by the contradiction with Li Yuandu.Therefore, the arrival of Feng Zhuohuai relieved Zeng Guofan’s mental burden to a certain extent.Feng Zhuohuai this trip is for friends Wu Tingdong back to huoshan county old home matters, and for him and Tu Zongying to anhui Lu ‘an area to find a hundred years.Wu Tingdong and Zeng Guofan were both disciples of Tang Jian, master of Neo-Confucianism, and bosom friends.In June 1840, Zeng Guofan, aged 30, fell seriously ill. Wu Tingdong, who was proficient in medical science, treated him for three months and recovered.In the spring of the fifth Year of The Reign of Emperor Tongzhi (1866), Wu Tingdong, aged 74, fell ill and became an official. Zeng Guofan invited wu to live in Nanjing for five years. Zeng took good care of wu’s daily life and kept talking with him once a month.Nanjing trip, Feng Zhuohuai brought a painter for Zeng Guofan portrait, but not ideal, on the 26th about to staff Wu Jiashan, with wet plate photography for Zeng Guofan.Wu Jiashan, who was born in Nanfeng, Jiangxi province, was a jinshi in the 11th year of Xianfeng (1861). He was not only a well-known mathematician of arithmetic, but also one of the earliest Chinese people to learn western photography. The only extant photo of Zeng Guofan is probably from this photograph.After Feng Zhuohuai returned to Hunan, Zeng Guofan wrote a sincere letter on the second day of July. First of all, he expressed his sincere apology for “insulting friends and leaving xianjun lightly” in Qimen. After this meeting in Nanjing, he had “slightly released the shame of accumulated years”.In addition, he expressed his gratitude to Feng Zhuohuai for going to Xiangxiang to find the century-old Jilang.Zeng guofan had not been back to his hometown for 13 years since he returned to the mountains in June, the eighth year of Xianfeng’s reign (1858).In a letter to his family on the first day of April, Zeng guofan mentioned that although his hernia had healed and his vertigo had not gone, “my eyes were getting dim and I felt very embarrassed to write words”.It shows that he also understands the old age has arrived, has been seriously and old friends to discuss the fate of the problem after death, he will not not follow the tradition of falling leaves to return to the roots.It can be seen that Feng Zhuohuai’s trip to Nanjing is a journey of reconciliation, heart-to-heart journey, time will eventually wear out the contradictions of the two people.According to Guo Songtao’s diary, Feng Zhuohuai went to Xiangxiang twice in August, walking all over the mountains and rivers, and selected 12 places in total, with the acupoints of Dongtai Mountain as the first choice, and illustrated them one by one.Then he sent Guo Songtao to Dongtai Mountain to demonstrate on the spot.Dongtai Mountain 323 meters above sea level, the ancient “Fengfeng dongtai”, listed “Xiangxiang eight views” first.They immediately sent zeng guofan the results of the joint survey.Zeng Guofan replied to Feng Zhuohuai that the choice of Dongtai Mountain was related to the county’s literary movement, and the scholars and people could not be disgusted by their own selfish interests. They decided to give up and planned to choose another 11 options in the list.However, on March 12, 1872, Zeng Guofan died three months later in Nanjing. For various reasons, the 11 sites were not selected, so he was finally buried in the Sun of Fulong Mountain in Pingtang Town, Changsha.Time flies and arouses people’s imagination.Ten years after The death of Zeng Guofan, in the eighth year of Guangxu (1882), Feng Zhuohuai, who was seventy years old, felt that he was going to die soon, so he wrote an autobiography and compiled it into feng’s family tree, which included some details of his early contacts with Zeng Guofan.Different from Zeng guofan, Feng Zhuohuai was born in a difficult family. Her father died at the age of 9, so she experienced a difficult life.Since his lucky pass, he has participated in the imperial examinations for a total of 8 times, but failed to pass the Jinshi.During his long stay in the capital, he not only got along with Zeng Guofan and Guo Songtao, but also got to know the famous Neo-Confucian masters Tang Jian and Woren, he Guizhen and Wu Tingdong, etc.He thought that zeng Guofan had influenced him in his poetry and writing.The inspiration of Tang Jian, Wouren and Wu Tingdong was the inspiration of his deeds.Chen Yuanyan, Jiang Zhongyuan, Guo Songtao and Guo Kuntao were particularly close friends.And he feels his natural disposition again obtuse, life has no achievement, die old with a cloth garment, accordingly “clear night memorial, kui negative good friend”.He is grateful for the past, not complaining, but inevitably showing a little inferiority.This is because tang Jian, Wokren, Wu Tingdong, Zeng Guofan and He Guizheng were all famous at that time. Wokren, Wu Tingdong and Li Tangjie were also known as the “three sages in The Sea” in the late Qing Dynasty. They not only had important influence in the political field, but also made great achievements in the academic field.He went to Nanjing to negotiate wu Tingdong home, but also out of gratitude for an old love.In contrast, he himself appeared “mediocre”, did not give full play to the due value of a jieyuan, there is a huge gap in eunuch, neo-confucianism and other aspects.Further investigation, the xianfeng ten years and Zeng Guofan is not serious dispute may have greatly changed feng Zhuohuai’s life trajectory.Of course, friends did not treat Feng Zhuohuai differently.Guo Songtao became close to zeng in Changsha. Guo Kuntao and Cao Guanghan, two of Zeng’s confidants, became his children and in-laws.In addition to his four years of official career, which earned him a reputation for honesty and fairness, he also majored in The Annals of Wan County and compiled a collection of his old friend Jiang Zhongyuan.After all, he has the advantage of being a solution.Then with its reputation presided over the clan affairs, repair spectrum to build the temple are more active, generous funding.In addition is in Qi Huang, The art of Kanyu has higher attainments, so Zeng Guofan, Tu Zongying, Guo Songtao and other people will find the ground of the matter and its trust.Feng Zhuohuai’s family biography was kai-yun Wang, a friend who forgot his age.He did not hesitate to praise Feng Zhuohuai’s official experience, but to the qimen happened in the spring and autumn style to avoid.The only person who can tell the truth is Ouyang Zhaoxiong. As zeng Guofan’s close friend for a long time, he not only told the story of the conflict between them, but also made a general evaluation of Feng Zhuohuai: “He is an ancient person and has no sense of the world.This means that he is a person with low EQ, whose early experiences have made his self-esteem too high.Because of the experience of Feng Zhuohuai, Ouyang Zhaoxiong agreed with Zeng Guofan only idle camp, not sent.Zeng Guofan arranged four things for him successively, but he did not accept them. In this way, conflicts or differences were avoided and their friendship was preserved.Ouyang Zhaoxiong wrote feng Zhuohuai in his book “Water Window Spring Baldery”, and Feng’s anecdotes were quoted in many late Qing novels, called “a man with respect”.Source: All Circles Journal, No. 1, 2022 author: Li Chaoping