Knowing that we will not have results, but still accompany you year after year

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Longing to hold your hand until the end of the day 01 Meeting you, my world seems to open a window.Lovely on you, but become my endless robbery this life.I still remember that summer night, I waved helplessly at the roadside, waiting for a long time, but no taxi passed by.In my desperation, a silver-gray Mitsubishi car suddenly pulled up beside me.”Hey!It’s too remote to get a taxi at this hour.Where are you going?I send you.100!”Through rolling down the window, I saw you a head of shouldered long hair, half of the sleeve did not cover the tattoo full arm, I do not know why, always timid and vigilant I did not hesitate to get on your car, gave you 100: “send me to the nearest subway station.”It’s after 10:00 p.m., and you’re flying me back downtown.On the way, we chatted endlessly.At that time, I was working in a company specializing in sidecar.See your dress up temperament accords with that fan very much, know that you are a person that loves to play car, ask you whether have interest to carry son then, welcome to our company to see.You say “yes.”Of course I gave you your number.Changchun Street subway station arrived, I got off the car, ran into the subway station, fortunately, to catch the last bus!In line, the phone rings, and it’s you!There was a strange excitement in my heart.”Is there a car?”You ask.”Thank you!Yes, the last train.”I replied somewhat incoherently.”Good.That’s all, just see if there’s a subway, and if not, I can give you another one.”You said it on the phone.”No, just get in.Thank you very much!”I couldn’t believe my ears.How sweet of you to worry about me missing the last train.But I know, we are two worlds of people, this encounter is purely accidental, between us can not happen, love do not expect.02 Life is so magical.I thought there would be no more intersection between us, and even if there was, it was only a casual acquaintance, and it was impossible to have any in-depth story.But I was wrong.I did not expect that people from two different worlds would come together and love each other for many years.June 1 Children’s Day that day, joking like two words, you actually suddenly appeared in front of me, accompany me together for a holiday.I don’t remember exactly where I went and what I did on that day, except that you really appeared in front of me and you really accompanied me to celebrate the festival. It was like a dream. My heart was full of sweet throbbing, and there was also hidden anxiety and fear.I don’t know why I suddenly began to have a sense of loss and gain, a vague sense of impossibility and longing.Even if it’s an adventure, I want to walk and see what’s ahead.Later, we held hands, hugged, intimate.You offered, of course, but I didn’t say no.So, we are together.You showed me things I’d never seen before.You give me a close-up magic trick, two hours without a duplicate.You showed me drift, made me scream and get excited….I am secretly glad to have a big brother like you in my life.For the first time in your life, you went with me to the National Library, which you had never been to before.You went to the market with me to buy food. You, who almost never cooked, began to put on an apron to cook for me.You took me to all the nice places you’ve been to or haven’t been to, and you said all the nice things you wanted me to share….The days went by so fast back then.All day long, all day long, never tired of being together enough, longing for just that, forever so happy and sweet.However, dreams always wake up, and then sweet love will encounter real difficulties.As we demand more from each other, we have more and more harmless little conflicts.I can’t stand hearing you talk about exes, and you can’t stand seeing me with someone of the opposite sex.All of a sudden, I realized that you are an ordinary man, you are not so terrible, you are even extremely ordinary.At middle age, your rascal spirit is gradually lost, passion impulse is less and less, and the feeling of calm and indifferent is more and more thick.Part of me wants you to be safe, but part of me is very nostalgic for your high spirits.You believe in Buddha, you love more and more, but I more and more hope you can be a little more selfish, hope you love me alone.Conflict is inevitable.The contradiction took root.After six years together, you never lose your temper and we hardly ever fight.However, our distance is getting farther and farther.On and off many times, every time I thought I was going to lose you, heartbroken, and every time I was waiting for your figure and warm embrace in tears.Always thought that you are cruel and heartless, that every separation is only I alone sad.It was late one summer night after an awkward day, and I followed, angry and worried.I thought you must have gone long ago, but unexpectedly, you are sitting at the entrance of the neighborhood snack bar, alone shadow drinking alone.Looking at your lonely sad expression, my heart suddenly clenched very painful.Sometimes when we recall the past and talk about some places we have been to, you always blame my brain for not remembering anything.It’s like I’m a heartless person.It was not until I looked up the photos we had taken together that I remembered, oh, I had really been there.I’m also somehow forgetful about some of the places we’ve been together.Six more years flew by.During this period, we kept in touch with each other only a few times, but we missed each other all the time.I always wanted to ask how you were, but I didn’t dare.I am afraid that when I see your message and hear your voice, I still can’t control my missing for you, and I can’t control my tears that only burst in front of you because of you.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, I saw that you gave a thumbs-up to “New Year’s Eve” and “Hurry” in my moments, and found that your profile picture, nickname and signature were also changed.I immediately wanted to text you “Happy New Year, brother,” as I always do, but I refrained.Instantly, the heart turned upside down, throat choking eyes have hazy.After all these years, you still haven’t forgotten me.I know that from time to time you will come to my QQ space which is no longer updated, leaving no words, but I know that for so many years, you have been in.Even I have to find the password douban, Jane book, you have seen the footprints.Fortune plays tricks on man.From the first day I met you, I thought we were two different worlds.Knowing that we will not have results, but still accompany you year after year.Young then, can ignore.When I get older, I find myself just a Philistine, longing for romantic love and hope that daily necessities are not annoying.Meet the right person at the wrong time.Separation, already predestined.Edge, wonderful.How much love, all follow.Together through those years, is not worth the life.Brother, the future is still beautiful, only wish we can follow, along with sex, health, well!You and I are human, but I wish the rest of my life well