“New Vision of Sports” exclusive interview Wang Shanshan: You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team, thank tianjin fans for their support and care

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After winning the Asian Cup in 16 years, the new Chinese women’s football team has opened the year of 2022 with a big New Year gift for Chinese fans.Now, the Chinese women’s soccer team is still the focus of attention as it is undergoing health quarantine in Suzhou.In an exclusive interview with Wang Shanshan, the captain of China’s women’s soccer team, the Reigning Asian Cup MVP reflected on her memorable Asian Cup journey on February 9.China’s women’s football team started the Asian Cup with a low profile. In fact, the brand new team, which was just one month old, was not expected to win the title against strong rivals such as Japan, Australia and South Korea.But in the Asian cup, the Chinese women’s team showed a very strong spiritual attribute, three times in three knockout stage show a reversal, the quarter-final 3-1 reversal Vietnam women’s football, semi-final, semi-final overtime unique Japanese women’s football, and beat his opponent in a penalty shoot-out, to the final against south Korean women’s epic “let two after three”,Every game is emotional, the team in the comeback to win the title at the same time, but also let the Chinese fans can not help but sigh, “sonorous roses” and “women’s football spirit” back.Wang Shanshan, captain of The Chinese Women’s National football Team, won the Asian Cup. She still has a long time to calm down, and the joy still exists.It means a lot to me to win the Asian Cup. After all, I am 32 years old now, and I am an old player. It is not easy to win the Asian Cup in my career, and it is a kind of recognition for my national team career.Wang Shanshan scored the winning penalty kick in the final of extra time to lead China into the final after trailing Japan in the semi-final.The most unforgettable moment for me in this Asian Cup is the semi-final match between China and Japan, which was won by penalty shoot-out. It really makes me unforgettable.Because there is still a certain gap between us and Japan, all of us in The Chinese women’s football team did not think of giving up and fought until the end, which fully demonstrated the spirit and willpower of the Chinese women’s football team.Uruguayan-born striker, as the captain’s vian is guiding flexible water use, defensive when she is a defensive sluice, the team behind won’t open, she is a sword, on both ends of the outstanding performance, she has also become the Chinese women’s football the most flexible card, the final against South Korea, in the case of the team behind, water guiding a right-back vian top to strike again,It was the captain’s coolness at the last minute to score China’s winning goal, a beautiful straight plug that easily tore through a tight defence.Wang Shanshan’s last pass in the final match of the Chinese women’s national Team, I actually observed Xiao Yuyi preparing to advance before stopping the ball, so I put the ball into the gap, and I believed that my teammate could score the ball.From the former fast horse to the present all-round warrior, with the increase of age and seniority, Wang Shanshan’s technical characteristics and competition mentality are also slowly changing.During this Asian Cup, Wang Shanshan celebrated her 32nd birthday, and finally won the MVP award for her excellent performance, which is the best affirmation for the veteran.vian Chinese women’s football captain won the Asian cup MVP this honor, for me is a kind of recognition, but it never occurred to me before the game to win the MVP, the more I think about is, as an old team member, as a captain, my responsibility is to help his teammates in the game more, and to enjoy the game together, to struggle,Help the team win more games.Of course, The Chinese women’s football team can return to the top of Asia, is also inseparable from the coach Shui Qingxia’s strategy, although the team has only been in charge of a month, but her transformation of the team, has shown initial results.Wang Shanshan, captain of the Chinese national women’s football Team, shui Dao, has made the biggest change to the team, which is believed to be obvious to the whole country.We won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years, which is the best result, considering we only reassembled the team a month ago.So I want to tell you, you can always trust the Chinese women’s football team, you can always trust the water guidance!Sixteen years later, China’s women’s football team has continued its success at the Asian Cup, with the hope that the trophy will be a sign of the rebirth of the “sonorous Rose” rather than just a flash in the pan.After a long slump, China’s women’s soccer team’s return to the Asian championship has given a boost to the country’s temporarily frosty women’s sport.vian Chinese women’s soccer team captain, as you know, actually has long been the women’s attention was low, and then catch up with the football environment is weak, now in the cause of the outbreak, teams are not sponsored, the level of the women’s football league also in decline, this is the phenomenon of everyone in football is not willing to see, the Chinese women’s team is in the stage of old and new alternate,Under the leadership of The Water Finger, we won the championship, which is not only of great significance to us, but also promotes the development of the whole football. We hope that through this competition, we can feel the undefeatable spirit of women’s football team, and encourage more people to pay attention to women’s football team, participate in it more actively, and develop football culture together.It is worth noting that when the Chinese women’s football team returned home after winning the Asian Cup, tianjin Haihe Media Center specially opened a light show to celebrate the women’s football team’s victory in the Sky Tower one hour before the girls landed.As the captain of the Chinese women’s football team, Wang Shanshan also conveyed the blessing from her hometown to her teammates and coaching staff at the first time.When I saw the landmark of Tianjin being lit up, I immediately shared it with my teammates. In fact, I felt very proud and happy.Here, I would also like to thank all the fans in Tianjin and Tianjin for your support and concern for The Chinese women’s football team. Thank you!