“Fire ban radiation exposure platform” Pupi River police Station to strengthen fire ban work

2022-06-08 0 By

Recently, Po Po River police station multiple measures simultaneously, strong promotion, to do a good job in the area of the ban on fire and release work.The institute gave full play to the advantages of “one village, one police”, including the villagers auxiliary police and the village committees, through the village wechat group, loudspeaker, household visits and other ways, to the town to vigorously promote the ban on burning and fire policy, has been the active cooperation of the area of the masses.At the same time, the institute also strengthened the inspection of supermarket stores in the area, and signed a letter of commitment with operators to prohibit burning and release, reducing the channels for people to buy fireworks from the source.Since the launch of investigation and rectification work, businesses and the masses took the initiative to hand over 36 stored fireworks in previous years.On January 31, the institute in Li Gang village patrol, on the spot found the village villagers tu Mou Ming illegally set off fireworks, Tu Mou Ming was sentenced to administrative detention for five days;February 5, police in Tianwa village investigation, found pan kuan in the supermarket illegal storage, sales of fireworks, on suspicion of illegal storage of dangerous substances, Pan kuan was sentenced to administrative detention for five days.# Xinyang Headlines # Gwangshan #