Henan will launch a series of COVID-19 vaccines to strengthen immunization

2022-06-08 0 By

On February 19, the reporter learned that according to the requirements of the national plan and the vaccine group of Henan Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Henan province will carry out sequential immunization on the basis of same-origin strengthening, to ensure that the target immunization target “should be fully received”, and to establish the whole province’s population immunity barrier.What is sequential booster immunization?According to CDC experts, sequential enhanced immunization is commonly referred to as heterogeneous enhanced immunization. For example, inactivated vaccine is used before, and if inactivated vaccine is selected, it is homologous enhanced immunization, while non-inactivated COVID-19 vaccine is selected, so it is called sequential enhanced immunization.It is reported that the sequential immunization of Henan can be selected for the recombinant protein vaccine of Anhui Zhifei Dragon Koma Co., Ltd. or adenovirus vector vaccine of Tianjin Kangsinuo Company, the implementation of 1 dose sequential enhanced immunization.At the same time, homologous booster immunization can also be carried out with the original technology route vaccine.Experts emphasized that at present, the target of sequential enhanced immunization is the people aged 18 and above who have completed the full course of inoculation with novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm Beijing Co., LTD, Sinopharm Beijing Co., LTD and Sinopharm Wuhan Co., LTD for 6 months and have not completed homologous enhanced immunization.”The 23 vaccination clinics in our district will be ready by next Monday.”Zhengzhou Erqi District CENTER for Disease control and Prevention immunization planning section chief Wang Heng said.Source: Henan Daily