Americans: Support the Beijing Olympics and look forward to the best athletes

2022-06-09 0 By

The games of the Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.The orderly holding of the event also provides a guarantee for athletes to achieve good results.Recently, many Americans told reporters that they support the Beijing Winter Olympics and look forward to the wonderful performances of the athletes.Despite the serious epidemic in many countries, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games were held safely and smoothly.Americans say it’s great to have athletes in Beijing show off the fruits of years of training.They admire China’s efforts in this regard.The Beijing Winter Olympics is also a platform for people to come together and reunite.(SOUNDBITE) (English) Washington D.C. RESIDENT, ALEX RODRIGUEZ, SAYING: “As the world struggles with COVID-19, it’s invaluable that the Beijing Olympics can finally go ahead.It’s great to see sports and great games.”(SOUNDBITE) (English) Washington RESIDENT, HEATHER HAYES, SAYING: “The world is so divided right now, but the Olympics has always been a platform to bring people together.Only globalization can create more beneficial connections between countries.”(SOUNDBITE) (English) Washington RESIDENT, David, SAYING: “Of course, good luck to all the athletes in Beijing.I know the athletes have trained hard and worked hard to get here.”