Tomorrow rain, in addition to reduce tonic, these 4 kinds of food to eat more, light moist, protect the stomach health

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Tomorrow is “spring rain is as tall as oil” rain solar terms, the rain season most of the rainfall is given priority to with “moistens everything” cotton rain, in the poetry of the rain, moist rain vegetation began to sprout, at the same time, proper precipitation is also important for the growth of crops, also is’ on the sixth day tomorrow, in the bitter song “seven JiuHe opened, all yan come…”He said, at this time, many places in the south is the spring is full of early spring scene, a few days ago, fujian Zhangzhou cherry blossom, attracted a large number of tourists to come to the north, there are still cold, snowy places.Before and after the rain, the weather is variable, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, is one of the most cold season in a year, eat, after a winter of “winter hiding”, then some big tonic mutton and other food, eat some light not greasy nourishing food, I recommend to you in detail:Spinach is a spring vegetable, rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium, iron and other minerals, “nutrition model student” title, spinach eat a lot of ways, cool, eat stir-fry, bean stuffing, soup is very suitable, eat spinach, should pay attention to the following two points.1: Spinach because it contains a lot of oxalic acid, so it is best to cook spinach in hot water for 2-3 minutes before cooking, to remove a lot of oxalic acid, eat without astringency taste, the key is, can also combine oxalic acid and calcium easily form calcium oxalate affect the absorption of calcium by the human body.2: Spinach root is rich in vitamins and minerals, without fat.Next, I suggest you combine spinach and corn flour to make a delicious spinach and corn flour gnocchi.Ingredients: 1 spinach, 2 eggs, corn flour, onion, edible oil, sesame oil, salt Proper amount of preparation method: Step 1: carefully wash spinach, boil it in hot water for 1 minute, then scoop out cold water, hold the excess water, chop and put it in a large bowl for later use.Step 2: Eggs to eggs, sit in a wok on fire, the wok is hot, pour oil, add a spoonful of water into the egg, stir evenly, put the egg into the wok, before forming with chopsticks whisk quickly until the egg breaks, then turn off the heat and pound the egg to cool.Step 3: Pour proper amount of sesame oil into the spinach, stir thoroughly, then mash the egg, chopped spring onion, a small amount of salt, stir thoroughly, make the filling.Step four: by hand grasp the right amount of ingredients, hands round, hands holding the dumplings, into the bowl of corn flour, two handbag with cornmeal holding, knead until every dumplings do, in order to make the dumpling skin thicker, please roll in cornmeal, pour water on the surface of the dumplings, and then scroll rolled up in corn flour.Step five: Sit in the steamer on the fire, put in water, spread wet gauze on the ladder, put in vegetable balls, steam for 8 minutes with high fire, turn off the fire, steam for another 3 minutes, the vegetable balls are steamed, and can be put on the plate out of the pot.Film review: thin skin of the big filling, original taste, eat up very fresh very soft, eat up the meat is very soft, very delicious.Two, mugwort we usually the most common mugwort has chunju and mugwort stick two kinds of vegetables: small leaf chunju mugwort stick is more familiar to people in the north;It is common in the south. Mugwort contains minerals, carotene, protein, food fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C and amino acids. It tastes sweet, soft, sweet and appetizing.Preparation Method: Step 1: Remove the yellow and rotten leaves from the mugwort stick, then remove the discolored part from the bottom of the stick and cut it off with scissors, then wash and control water, and cut it into small sections for use;Cut the garlic petals into small pieces.Step two: sitting on the fire pot, pot hot after pouring oil, oil hot after the garlic into the ground, stir evenly with a shovel, stir-fry fragrance, garlic slightly yellow, down to mugwort stick, with a shovel quickly stir.Step 3: Unplug, stir thoroughly, turn off the heat first, add a small amount of salt, stir thoroughly, remove from the pot and serve.Film review: Strong garlic fragrance and mugwort stick fragrance, fresh, fresh and greasy.Three, Chinese yam: Chinese yam is rich in starch and minerals of high nutrition and low calorie food materials, spring to eat more Chinese yam can nourish the body and mind, alleviate the dryness of spring, especially the appointment of the first day in the morning to get up to eat Chinese yam jujube porridge is better.Ingredients: 1 yam, 10 dried dates, rice, rock sugar How to make: Step 1: Wash the dates and soak them in warm water for 30 minutes, remove the stones and cut them into small pieces, wash the Chinese yam and peel them and cut them into small pieces.Step 2: Add cold water to the rice cooker, put in the washed rice, yam and date slices, and press the porridge button after the power is switched on.Step 3: Add rock sugar before cooking early and serve in a bowl before steaming.Comments: Sweet and sticky, easy to digest nutrition.Four, bamboo shoot, bamboo is known as the top first “vegetarian”, have soft timely, bamboo is rich in plant protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients and trace elements, with high protein, low fat, low calorie, fry, cook, cook, stew stewed with such methods as can be, then recommend oil steamed bamboo shoots.Ingredients: 3 bamboo shoots, cooking oil, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, salt Appropriate Preparation method: Step 1: Peel and wash bamboo shoots, cut into sticks, boil in hot water for 3 minutes and cool.Step two: sitting on the fire on the pot, pot hot into the cooking oil, oil hot into bamboo shoots, fry with fire, bamboo shoots a bit burnt, add the right amount of old extraction, raw extraction, sugar, salt and other seasonings, and then pour a small amount of water can be evenly loaded into the pot plate.Comments: Soft, crunchy and refreshing, very delicious.Just after the lunar New Year holiday, a lot of friends big fish big meat and so on all sorts of good things to eat but not eat less, when it rains, don’t eat like holidays, excess supply adverse also to health, more than four ingredients in the rain season to eat more, not only nutrition is rich, and plain and hydrating, eliminate tired of cooling and digestion, let you and my health to take a vacation after each unit,Create your own glow for the New Year!Like friends can try.Daily necessities for our petty meals every day have no “as the first” feeling, but again, “regardless of the gain and loss, absently forget me, enjoy the” still is our unremitting pursuit of every day, I lie prone on the window watching the rain turtles, like life, like food, and you share the delicious food and stories, like I care about!All right!Holds up my