“Red Literature and Art Light Cavalry” : measure the land of Jingu with footsteps and deliver literature and art to people’s doorstep

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In the construction site, fields, mountains, their loud song resounded through the world, graceful dance decorated the four seasons;In schools, barracks and communities, crisp allegro, curling silk and bamboo, humorous crosstalk, fragrant calligraphy, draw the warm beauty of a happy life…Although they come from different posts, they have a common name — “Red Literary Light Cavalry.”On November 21, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the members of Wulan Mustering Cavalry in Sunit Right Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, encouraging them to take root in fertile soil, serve the herdsmen and always be the “Red Literary light cavalry” on the grassland.General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call ignited the passion of tianjin’s literary and art workers.For the past four years, the “Red Literary and artistic Light Cavalry” of Tianjin, loaded with literary and artistic bags, has measured the land of Jingu with their feet, with the sky as the curtain and the ground as the stage, bringing the red literature and art to people’s doorsteps and the voice and care of the Party to people’s hearts.The tianjin Symphony Orchestra “Red Art Light Cavalry” team performs in Tianjin Port.On a summer evening in June last year, the port of Tianjin was filled with red songs.Before wiping the sweat from their foreheads at the end of the day, the workers gathered around a simple “stage.””Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China”, “My Motherland” and “Remain True to our Original Aspiration”…Liu Zhongwei, a worker, was overwhelmed with pride as he listened to the classic red melody and stood behind a port built with sweat.He said with emotion: “listening to these songs, I can’t help singing along, I feel endless strength!”This is the symphony chorus concert “Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China” by tianjin Symphony Orchestra “Red Literary Light Cavalry” team.The team took the concert into enterprises, schools, communities, institutions, cultural venues…Light up the map of Tianjin with sections of red music, so that party members of different ages, different industries feel the power of faith, the shock of the soul.Dong Junjie, head of Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, sincerely said, “The stage of the concert hall is fixed, but the stage of the base is vast.The ‘Red Art Light Cavalry’ will go far and wide. Wherever the people need it, whether it is in prosperous business circles, lively communities, remote villages or busy construction sites, the team will surely deliver the best performances to their doors.”In the middle of summer last year, a performance caravan rolled through the rocky hills of Jizhou district.After arriving at Xiawotou Town, the cast and crew of the Third Troupe of Tianjin Pingopera House unloaded the truck and loaded the platform without any effort.Then, everyone quickly put on makeup, change clothes, in good spirits to the stage to sing.Under the stage of a fellow pleasantly surprised to share his “discovery” : “You see, these actors on the stage is not just the installation of those people?They work well and sing well. We’ll give them thumbs up!”Hearing the words of his fellow villagers, Wang Qiuming, head of the third troupe of Tianjin Pinghua Theatre, had a warm current in his heart.Over the years, the third Troupe of Tianjin Pingopera Theater has been serving the farmers in Jizhou, holding more than 200 performances every year, and is affectionately called “Zhuang Hu Troupe” by the villagers.For the towns of Jizhou, the cast and crew can not remember how many times they have walked back, but can only remember to “walk” a dirt road into a wide road, a piece of wasteland “walk” into a beautiful square.Looking back on the experience of performing in the countryside these years, Wang Qiuming talked to the reporter about the changes and changes in his eyes: “The appearance of the countryside has changed. In the past, it was difficult to find a piece of flat land.Now every town has a square, in a clean and tidy environment, the actors are more energetic;The taste of the villagers has changed. They only like to listen to traditional operas before, but now they also like to listen to the “Golden flowers in the Mountain” and “The past in the mountain”, which are new plays created by us.What remains unchanged is the villagers’ affection for the troupe and our original intention to serve them.”It is the sacred duty of the “Red Literary Light Cavalry” to cultivate the artistic land of “performance, publicity, guidance and service”.They not only sent wonderful theatrical performances to people’s doorsteps, but also established a long-term mechanism — “pairing, kind of culture”.They are deeply rooted in the grassroots, truly understand the urgent needs of the masses hope, to long for a long time to cultivate the hot land of art.Liu Xinzhu is a student at dalong Wo Village Central Primary School in Youguzhuang Town, Jizhou District. Like many children in her village, she has loved singing since she was young, but the school has never had a professional music teacher.2018, Liu Xinzhu passionate people eventually came ─ ─ tianjin music college din yaxian “red light cavalry” of literature and art team came here, they not only bring the music class, also brought more than 70000 yuan in the department performance fare, use the money has rebuilt the music classroom, purchased materials, repair the teacher dormitory.For the children, they set up a supporting teaching base in the school, and “stationed” in the central primary school of Dalongwo Village for a long time by rotating teachers and students of the vocal music department.Dai Cunxiang, a student at tianjin Conservatory of Music, is one of the team members.Every time he comes to teach his children, he has to ride a bus for more than three hours and then transfer to a tricycle.In Dai cunxiang’s view, this experience was a spiritual baptism, “go to the grassroots, contact with children, I really understand the meaning of dedication, find their own value.”Under the careful guidance of the team, Liu hsinchu and her classmates learned professional breath control and vocal methods, and formed a chorus.The seeds of music planted by the Red Literary Hussars are taking root in the fertile fields.One day in winter, the reporter came to tianjin City Vocational College Tianjin Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop, digital media art design major students are interested in weaving a knot work “South Lake red boat”.At this point, a deaf student gestures to her instructor, knot artist Lu Min, to ask questions.Lu Min patiently demonstrated the operation for him.Such scenes often appear in their craft class.After a semester, the students not only preliminatively mastered the knot-weaving craft, but also gained inspiration and confidence from each piece of work.As the “red literary light cavalry”, Lu Min’s footsteps have been all over the city of many schools and colleges.She not only pays attention to the inheritance of traditional skills, but also takes into account the cultural connotation and spirit of The Times carried by the knot works, such as “Six rows of long knot” meaning unity, harmony and blessing, and “Red Boat on south Lake” conveys the knowledge of party history to students’ fingers and hearts.Lu Min said with emotion, “Folk art comes from the people and should also go to the people.The knot art is introduced into the campus in the hope of passing on traditional culture.”In recent years, the Civic Literary and art Association has organized folk literary and art workers to do the “Red Literary and art Light Cavalry” in the new era. Through paper-cutting, roping and other courses and art guidance activities, young people can feel the traditional Chinese culture in the process of learning art.The city photographers Association organized a team of photographers to go deep into the construction site and present the most beautiful photos to every city builder.The city musicians Association team in-depth grassroots, in the transmission of notes in the popularization of music knowledge and skills……The new era “Red Literary Light Cavalry” brought art, but also made people’s lives warmer and more colorful.Walk the grassroots to collect the wind to create fine works a cheerful and beautiful music, led to 9 girls dressed in blue undershirt, they are holding a bamboo basket full of rice, heavy harvest although let their footsteps totter, but their face is filled with a happy smile…This is the dance “Field of Hope” created by Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, which was successfully selected for the 13th Chinese Dance Exhibition.As early as the beginning of creation, the production team formed the “Red Literary light Cavalry” team to go to the small station rice experimental field to collect wind.A farmer’s Versailles story is still fresh in the team’s mind: “In the past, it was unimaginable to harvest this large paddy field by human power, but now with mechanized harvesting, it can be harvested in two or three days!I haven’t been out in the fields for a long time!”This sense of happiness inspired the creative inspiration of the choreographers Liu Chan and Yuan Ming. They restored the scene of farmers working in the field with dance language. Through the joy of the harvest girls, they showed the comprehensive victory in the battle against poverty and the excitement of the people to welcome the comprehensive well-off society.The director learns lessons from the peasants, and the actors dance in the fields.Going deep into life and taking root among the people is the “secret” of the creation of excellent literary and artistic works in the new era.At the end of October 2021, Jincheng is already a scene of late autumn. Reed flowers and flying gull herons are enjoying the gift of nature in Tuanbo Lake Bird Nature Reserve.Looking to the other side of Tuanbo Lake, high-rise buildings can be seen in the distance. This near and far scenery tells the ecological story of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.This scene, let the lyricist Ni Yinhai surging up in the heart of the familiar melody — “flying in the snow covered with luhua……Tianjin, tianjin, my lovely hometown.As a member of the literary and art propaganda team of the City federation of Literary and Art “Deep learning with”, Ni Yinhai came to Tuanbo Lake to collect wind with a lot of feelings: “I just sang the song is” Tianjin, my lovely hometown “, that is the word I made 30 years ago.Thirty years later, my hometown is even more beautiful than the lyrics.”High quality development to Tianjin changes let Ni Yinhai picked up the pen again, from the fragrant soil holding out a line of hot text: “green water soaked years, castle peak built a gallery, struggling people open arms, embrace the fragrance of the dream…”The new song, Hometown, Fragrance in Dreams, is a new chapter of Tianjin, My Lovely Hometown written by Ni Yinhai.Ask canal that clear so?For water fresh comes from its sourceFor 4 years, gu on “red literature and art light cavalry” continuously from the fields, mountains and rivers, from the masses of the people draw art nutrition, a fresh literary and art works hot out.Song and dance, opera, quyi, drama, acrobatics, magic, painting and calligraphy, photography…A pack full of red Art Light Cavalry.They set out again and again with high spirits, and their solid footprints painted a series of masterpieces, and their loud songs echoed in the land of Jingu.Reporter’s Note: Literature and art are for the people, the original aspiration and adherence to “the people need art, and art also needs the people”. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s warm words in his reply to the Ulan Mustering team have profoundly revealed the essence of socialist literature and art.At the opening ceremony of the 11th Congress of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the 10th Congress of China Writers’ Association, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed once again that originating from, for and belonging to the people is the fundamental position of socialist literature and art and the driving force for the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art.Literature and art serving the people is the invariable original aspiration and persistence of literary and art workers.The people, is the most intimate audience;Grassroots line, is the most broad stage;The fertile soil of life is the most abundant nutrient.With a firm belief, blue sky and white clouds on top of your head, your feet are on the ground in Jingu, and the footsteps of “red Literary light Cavalry” have never stopped.Wherever there is need, they are there.The “Red Literary light Cavalry” took root at the grassroots level, spreading the flame of literature and art on the field of hope.Over the past four years, more than 2,500 events have benefited more than 650,000 people.Sell on the “red literary light cavalry” footprints, practice to think of the people’s thoughts, urgent people urgent, do the people’s needs of the sacred mission.Literature and art for the people, and from the people.Farmers in the field is a lively dance, workers labor chant is a shocking chorus, the smile of the people is the most moving picture.Every time the “Red Literary Light Cavalry” galloped, it gathered the most moving scenery on the stage of creation.The extension of each section of the road has become the most charming poem in the long volume of literature and art;Every time you work hard, you will harvest the fragrance in the fertile soil of art.To be the “Red Literary light Cavalry” of the new era with faith, feelings and responsibility is the call of The Times and the expectation of the people.Gu on the “red literary light cavalry” always on the road, again and again passion, for the people to provide the most abundant cultural food, the most mellow literary wine.(Photo by Zhai Zhipeng and Yao Wensheng)