Special cigarette paper!In 1955, Qian Xuesen wrote a letter asking for help in his own handwriting: anxious as fire

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In 1955, a letter written on cigarette paper was delivered to Premier Zhou, who received the letter and immediately delivered it to a Chinese envoy who was attending a conference in Geneva.It was qian Xuesen in the United States who sent the letter asking for help.What kind of torture did Qian Xuesen suffer during his stay in the United States?In the end, how did the central government bring him back to his homeland?Click follow and we’ll start right away!As the saying goes, gold shines wherever it goes. Qian was highly regarded by the California Institute of Technology and the military during his study in the United States.After earning a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1936, Qian transferred to the California Institute of Technology for further study.After three years of study, he earned a double doctorate in aviation and mathematics.Studying abroad, he never forgot his family, and since 1938, he has sent home money every month, most of which he saved from scholarships.Later, at the recommendation of his tutor Carmen, Qian joined the rocket research group. At first, rocket engineering was not taken seriously by the US military, but after World War II, countries around the world realized the importance of developing rockets, and Qian’s talent became evident.At first qian xuesen was known only by academics, but by 1948 that had changed.The Jet Propulsion Center at Caltech was founded to train aviation talents. Each director of the Jet Propulsion Center is called “Professor Goddard” in honor of the Father of American rocket science.In 1948, the academic community elected Qian xuesen the new Goddard Professor, giving him the dual position of director of the Jet Propulsion Center and tenured professor at Caltech.Qian xuesen was only 38 years old.Qian xuesen achieved what others would have taken decades to achieve at the age of 38. His fame soared, and both the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times published articles about the news.In October 1945, shortly after the end of World War II, Qian xuesen went to Japan with an investigation group to investigate the development of aerodynamics and rockets there, and to collect information for the future development of aviation of the US army.Two months later, qian xuesen participated in the compilation of the report “Toward new Heights” successfully completed, the report consists of nine volumes, five of which were written by Qian himself, indicating his achievements in the aviation field.In the report, Qian xuesen and his team summarized the known research results of European countries, and discussed the development history of high-speed aerodynamics in detail, which made a detailed plan for the aviation development of the U.S. army in the 1950s. It is of great significance.Qian xuesen once said, “The first three or four years in the United States were about study, and the last ten years were about work, all of which were preparation for doing something for the people when I came back to the motherland, because I am Chinese.”During his time studying and working in the United States, Qian has accumulated rich experience, which enabled him to help his motherland quickly complete the two bombs and one satellite project after returning to China.His journey home, however, was difficult.October 1, 1949, is the most important day in the modern history of China, new China was formally founded on this day.When the good news reached the United States, Qian xuesen knew that it was time to serve his motherland. He immediately packed his bags with Jiang Ying and prepared to return to China as soon as possible.By 1950, however, under the influence of McCarthyism, Qian was under surveillance by the US military.In this case, he said to Jiang Ying: “We’d better refund our tickets.You must take the two children first.”Jiang knew qian did this to save herself and her child, but she didn’t want to leave him alone. “No,” she said, “I’d rather stay at home with you.”When Qian xuesen and Jiang Ying tried to return to China, they were told they were not allowed to leave and the customs seized Qian’s luggage.In response, the customs said they found a large number of classified US military documents in Qian’s luggage, which did not comply with the US export control Act and other relevant regulations.In fact, Qian xuesen did not bring any classified documents with him, and his family only brought some necessities. The US government targeted qian xuesen because it did not want to lose such a talented scientist.For some time after that, the US government not only sent people to monitor qian’s family, but also detained Qian Xuesen for no reason and put him in a prison on Temino Island.For 15 days, Qian hardly had a good night’s sleep or a full meal.In order to save Qian Xuesen, Jiang Ying everywhere to find a lawyer to rely on connections, eventually, the United States said that the need for $15,000 bail, qian Xuesen will be released.At the time, this is not a small number of Jiang Ying gather together several genius come together, when she went to prison, see be tortured like qian xuesen, not to mention how much heartache, but she can’t contact with qian xuesen, only gently comforted him: “you can rest assured that things have been solved now, you can out tomorrow.”Qian returned home 15 pounds thinner, gaunt and temporarily aphasia, nodding and shaking his head when Jiang asked him questions.Hard to imagine, half a month of imprisonment, how much psychological shadow to college students.Although the United States released Qian Xuesen, but did not stop to its surveillance, they not only sent a person tracking Qian Xuesen, but also monitoring their communication equipment, it may be said is to set up a network.Under such great pressure, Qian xuesen did not give up the idea of returning to China. While waiting for the right time to return to China, he changed his research direction and wrote the magnificent work Cybernetics of Engineering.For the safety consideration of Qian Xuesen, Jiang Ying dismissed nanny, a person took the life of a family, in the past, she is the daughter of pamper young lady, but in this special period, she became the most solid backing of Qian Xuesen.Several times, Jiang Ying received harassing phone calls from the US side in the middle of the night, asking qian xuesen’s whereabouts, but Jiang Ying did not tell Qian xuesen these things, she did not want to disturb his work.Five years passed, and one day in 1955, Jiang Ying called Chinatown as usual to order some food. When the food was delivered, Jiang Ying found a copy of People’s Pictorial hidden at the bottom of the food basket, with a photo of Chen Shutong and Chairman MAO.Chen Shutong, a good friend of Qian Junfu and the teacher of Qian xuesen and Jiang Ying, realised it was time to leave the US.In 1955, by chance, Qian xuesen and Jiang Ying saw Chen Shutong’s picture after they had been held under house arrest by the Americans for five years.In order to escape from the United States, Qian xuesen wrote a letter asking for help to Chen Shutong, which read: “Xuesen was detained by the US government for five years because of his mistaken understanding several years ago.Not a day, not a moment, not a moment to return to participate in the great construction climax.But there are more important and pressing problems to be dealt with in the world situation…We have waited a long time for liberation, anxious lest we should miss our chance.”In fact, Qian xuesen was not the only Chinese student under house arrest by the Americans. His letter was not only for himself, but also for these students.After the letter was written, Qian put it in Jiang Ying’s letter home. Jiang Ying’s sister Jiang Hua was in Belgium at the time, and letters sent from the United States to Belgium could not easily be inspected by the United States government.To be on the safe side, Jiang wrote her sister’s address on the envelope with his left hand in imitation of a child’s handwriting, thus avoiding detection by the spies.In order to successfully send the letter, Qian Xuesen and Jiang Ying drove to a supermarket, Qian Xuesen was responsible for standing at the door to attract the attention of the spies, Jiang Ying was hiding in the crowd, quietly put the letter into the mailbox.Finally, the letter was successfully sent to Belgium, forwarded by Jiang Hua to Qian Xuesen’s home in Shanghai, and then sent by Qian Junfu to Chen Shutong.After Chen Shutong read the letter, he immediately realized the seriousness of the matter and handed it to Premier Zhou without a moment’s delay.At that time, the Chinese and American ambassadors were holding a meeting in Geneva, regarding the issue of the return of Chinese university students in the United States, the two sides had different words, the United States words firmly, denied that it had any persecution of students.Under such circumstances, the Chinese envoy took out Qian xuesen’s plea for help and punctured the US lies.After several negotiations between China and the United States, Mr. Zhou finally agreed to release 11 American airmen from the Korean War in exchange for the Qian family.News of Qian’s imminent return spread quickly in the United States, where an American official grudgingly said: “Exchanging eleven American prisoners of war for Qian xuesen is like exchanging eleven civilians for four armored divisions.On September 17, qian xuesen and his family finally took a cruise back home. Before leaving, an American journalist asked Qian whether he would return to the United States. Qian’s answer was firm: “I won’t come back.I intend to do my best to help the Chinese people build their country so that they can live a happy life with dignity.”Another reporter repeatedly asked Qian whether his return was artificially delayed. Qian did not answer directly, but said: “I suggest you ask the US government why my return was artificially delayed. The situation is more embarrassing for your State Department than for me.”On his way back to China, Qian xuesen sent a telegram to Chen Shutong with an excited mood, saying, “I am very happy to think of returning to my motherland.”Although there are only a few numbers, it is not hard to see Qian xuesen’s expectation of returning to China, just as he once said: “My career is in China, my achievements are in China, and my destination is in China.”