Students of Xidian University are heading home with their school’s love and care

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At 3:30 am on January 24th, the first point-to-point transfer bus of Xidian University departed from the South Campus of Xidian university and headed for Xi ‘an Xianyang International Airport.Nearly three hours later, the 120 students will take Changan Airlines Flight 9H8313 to Shenyang, Liaoning Province, for their journey home.More than 1500 kilometers, which is the flight distance from Xi ‘an to Shenyang, is the distance from school to home, but also the missing distance of parents and teachers.Guan Kaifeng of the School of Microelectronics lives in the south campus community. When he saw the call for volunteers to see off the station on 23rd, he immediately reported his name.At 2 o ‘clock in the morning on the 24th, Guan Kaifeng took his documents and gently closed the door and set out.It was a bitter winter night, and when he passed the kindergarten, he saw that the upstairs light was still on.The temporary office of the transport team is located in the upstairs of the kindergarten, which includes mapping, statistics, coordination and scheduling…This early morning, like every other in recent days, was busy and orderly.At about 3 o ‘clock, Guan Kaifeng arrived at the airport drop-off station on campus. The volunteers had also arrived and started to make preparations early.Guan kaifeng will follow the 3:40 special bus to take 113 students to the airport, where they will fly to Kunming, Yunnan province on China Eastern Airlines Flight MU2181.”My job is to ensure that students arrive at the airport on time, early contact docking at the airport staff, told the students after the pit stop where to check in, coordinated the school to student special gate, try to reduce their waiting time”, GuanKai peak after arrive at the airport with the car, just by a stagnation point group of volunteer teachers to guide at the airport,After he returned with the car, he must seize the rest and prepare for the afternoon car.The drop-off station is located outside the south gate of zhuyuan Restaurant on the south campus.In addition to this point, the school also set up in the north and the south campus seven sites, fully considering the road conditions and distance, according to the situation of students take a train and flight departure arrangement, set aside enough enough time for the students, “peer-to-peer” bring security to xian xian xian north station, station, south station and xi ‘an xianyang international airport.At 2:30 a.m., five students from the West Dianbei campus left for the airport in a special bus arranged by the school.In order to help students fly home, the school actively contacted the airport and airlines. After repeated communication, 13 planes carrying more than 1500 XDIAN students flew to Shenyang, Urumqi, Kunming, Haikou and other places on The 24th.As of 21 o ‘clock on January 23, according to the statistics of “Student Railway Travel and Ticket shortage Information Statistics Table”, a total of 8,948 students went to destinations outside the province by railway and air travel on January 24, which ushered in the first peak of students returning home.On the flight to Haikou, Hainan province, the crew of Capital Airlines FLIGHT JD5223 prepared a birthday card for Qiu Yanxun, a 2018 undergraduate student from the College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering. The surprise made his trip home more happy.”Prepare to stay in New Year’s day, can go home now is super happy”, at 11 am, electronic engineering college class of 2020 graduate of G1282 train Wang Yani slowly out of xi ‘an station, nine hours later, she will arrive at the home of the liaoning jinzhou, “set out in the morning and sees off site neat arrangement of the car,As well as the teachers and student volunteers who organized the rides in the cold, they were really touched.From the school to the train station, the whole journey was very fast. Special thanks to the school and every teacher and student who worked so hard!”Li Jirui, a 2018 undergraduate student from the School of Physics and Opto-electronic Engineering, successfully took a flight to Kunming. “The university fully considered our needs, helped us contact airports and airlines, and arranged chartered flights for our students to go home.I would like to thank the teachers, medical staff, support staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make it possible for the students to be reunited with their families.”In the afternoon 3 when, marxist college class of 2021 graduate student Yao Xue jiangxi aviation flight RY8939 landed in the xinjiang urumqi international airport in fort to nest, before departure, in her circle of friends sent a few seconds of video boarding the plane, locate in xi ‘an xianyang international airport, the caption “xd’s students come home,” happy home is obvious.At 1:00 PM on the same day, zhao Changxing from the School of Marxism in Xi ‘an North Railway Station stationing group completed 4 hours of volunteer service, and smoothly handed over to the next group.In order to ensure that students can go home smoothly on the first day of the mass return of students from outside the province, the school arranged 10 groups of more than 90 faculty and staff to “shift” to “two stations and one station” to provide guarantee for students to go home safely.(Correspondent: Ge Wang, Xidian University)