“The Spring Festival is more warm sympathy” Quwo Agricultural commercial party committee and labor union Spring Festival sympathy frontline staff

2022-06-12 0 By

On February 1st (the first day of the Lunar New Year), the Party Committee and the trade union of Quwo Rural Commercial Bank sent deep care and New Year wishes to the front-line cadres and employees who still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, to cheer up the employees fighting in the “good start” marketing front.Arrangements were made for financial services, security duty and epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival.”Happy New Year!Comrades have worked hard!”Fu Xiangyu, the Party Secretary and chairman of the Bank, communicated with the cadres and staff in every place he went to, got to know the operation of the branch and the shift situation of the staff in detail, asked the staff about their work and life, and encouraged and thanked them for their hard work.He urged everyone to do a good job in financial services, epidemic prevention and security during the Spring Festival.In the end, Chairman Fu, on behalf of the Party Committee of the head office, expressed his New Year wishes to the branch staff, wishing them a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Sympathy warms people’s hearts and boosts morale.Times bank visits condolences, of the party committee leadership of the headquarters to fight during the Spring Festival in the frontline staff feel the warmth, energy, in the New Year, times agri-businesses bank who will be more full of enthusiasm, high morale, more solid work style, character, the resultant force, and for The Times agri-businesses Banks strive for development of high quality.