Iran says it will fully support China if U.S. troops are involved in a conflict across the Taiwan Strait

2022-06-13 0 By

At present, the Beijing Winter Olympics is well underway, athletes from all over the world have given high praise, but the US-led Western countries are always behind the scenes, they even targeted the cute mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen”, it is unbelievable, these guys in order to anti-China has no bottom line.However, the most dangerous situation or in the direction of the Taiwan strait, worship the boarding bridge abutment, interference of the United States in taiwan-related issues not only not abating, but has a tendency to gradually upgrade, U.S. officials last year several times to take military aircraft visiting island, us national security adviser, Sullivan suggested that mainland are not allowed to use a “closed” in a peaceful way.But we have made it clear that we will never commit to renouncing military means.If the PLA decides to intervene and Washington sends troops, a major war may be hard to avoid. The question is, who will support us if a conflict does break out?Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying and Zhao Lijian posted messages of congratulations on Iran’s National Day in Persian on social media, media reported on Feb 12.In an interview with the Global Times on the same day, Iran’s ambassador to China, Keshawalzadeh, was asked what Tehran’s stance would be if China and the United States went to war over Taiwan-related issues, and whether it would continue to supply oil if oil routes were cut off. He was answered in the affirmative without hesitation.Iran’s ambassador, said the country has always been firmly pursue the “one-china principle”, fully supports China’s position on the cross-strait issue, Tehran hopes Washington won’t play with fire, and on the issue which can lead to serious consequences, but one thousand really wipe the gun off accidentally, Iran’s support attitude will not change, of course, will do our best to secure energy supplies.Like the Sino-Russian relationship, it is an undeniable fact that while we are not traditionally Allies with Iran, our two countries have long enjoyed a special friendship.During the worst period of Sanctions against Iran by the United States, China resisted the strong pressure from the United States, ignored the so-called “oil ban” and insisted on importing oil to Iran. We are very pleased to see Such a statement from Iran.These days, many experts and scholars have reached a consensus that Washington will most likely not directly opt for military intervention if The Mainland “retakes Taiwan”, because it cannot afford a confrontation between the two nuclear powers.The reason is not difficult to understand, no matter win or lose, the United States will not be able to withdraw completely, will absolutely pay a very heavy price, a Taiwan authority is really not worth its efforts.Of course, this does not mean that Washington will stand idly by and watch the PLA land across the sea. It will certainly use every means short of military power to thwart our unity, and an energy blockade is one of those options.As we all know, China is the world’s largest oil importer, and our oil sources are mainly supplied by the Middle East.Oil tankers from the Middle East to China need to pass through the vast Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. If the US aircraft carrier fleet intercepts them on the way, it will pose a serious threat to our energy security.In other words, if China really intends to solve the cross-strait issue once and for all, it must first ensure that it has no worries, otherwise it will be very passive.So Iran’s promises are reassuring, and Russia should be there to help, at least when it comes to oil and gas.Finally, it should be pointed out that if China, Russia and Iran are united, they are enough to counter the entire Western world, and even the US, let alone a small island, is capable of knocking it off its perch.