Just announced: fabricated

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At noon on February 21, Hebei Hengshui City Public Security Bureau Taocheng branch official weibo released about the network of Hengshui Taocheng Middle school teacher Xu is suspected of molesting others.According to the notice, the police have initially found out the relevant facts by interviewing the relevant personnel and extracting electronic evidence, and have not found that Xu committed lewd acts.At present, Hengshui City Public Security Bureau Taocheng branch is suspected of fabricating, deliberately spreading false information crime of Qiu Mou Fei criminal compulsory measures according to law, the two minors involved in the criticism of education, the case is being further investigated.The following reports: previously reported: recently, a self-proclaimed momoshiro hengshui city, hebei province high school student’s Internet users, online long said momoshiro middle school exist many irregularities, including illegal organization examination, public examination ranking problem such as students, teachers corporal punishment punishment, and said that because they are in drop-in for depression.In response, the Taocheng District Education Bureau in Hengshui city said on Monday that the Taocheng District Committee and government have set up a joint investigation team in Taocheng Middle School to carry out a comprehensive investigation.Follow jingmen Evening News??Source: China News Network, Xinhua net editor/Zhang Yi editor/Nie Chuanyi wechat advertising cooperation: 0724-2378897