The weather is humid during rain season, so drink this porridge to strengthen spleen and stomach

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“Rain water” solar term indicates the beginning of precipitation, rainfall gradually increased.In addition, the weather is changeable during the rain season, sometimes hot and sometimes cold.The warm and cold climate does great harm to people’s health, and it is easy to get cold and dampness.So the rain season should pay special attention to cold and frost prevention, with climate change in time to increase or decrease clothing, in order to prevent the prevalence of some easy disease in early spring.In terms of food therapy and health care, we should eat more foods with the effect of invigorating the spleen and water, such as dates, lentils, coix seed, red beans, Huaishan medicine, etc.Eat less sweet greasy acid food.Chinese medicine believes that sweet greasy food is easy to produce phlegm and help wet.Therefore, when the climate is humid, the diet should be wet, mainly light;And acid collect soft moist food stagnation phlegm, should eat less or do not eat.Here is a porridge of pearl barley, raw materials: Coix seed, rice each 100 grams, euryale powder, yam each 50 grams.Cooking method: first coix seed and water with grinding, such as the method of grinding soybean milk, grinding juice, and rice, euryale powder, yam boiled for congee.This congee coix seed has the effect of invigorating the spleen and dampness;Gordon euryale powder and Chinese yam have tonifying temperament, health and dampness.The four ingredients of this porridge are invigorating spleen and stomach. Eating this porridge regularly can improve spleen and stomach function, strengthen the body, dispel phlegm and reduce dampness, especially suitable for eating in humid climate.Author: Jiangxi Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine director of Chinese medicine Jiang Xiaomin editor: Huang Mengmei Liu Zhenghui review: Xie Tao verification: Wan Hongxin pictures: some of the pictures from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete.