To feel sincere friendship, Chongqing Daily client held “Pleasant Goat and big Big Wolf Basket out of the Future” viewing party

2022-06-13 0 By

More than 100 movie fans from all over Chongqing were invited to a screening of the animated film “Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf: The Future” at the Poly Poly International Cmultiplex on The first day of the Chinese New Year on Feb. 1.As the latest work in the series, the animated film “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket Out of the Future” continues the story of “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket Out of The Victory”, telling the story of the guardians of the Sheep and Wolves in the city Basketball Cup, the top basketball competition for the first time.It is worth mentioning that, as a Chinese classic, the animated series “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” broke the domestic animated audience record when it premiered in 2005, and “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Tiger tiger” became the first animated film to earn more than 100 million yuan at the domestic box office.In the process of watching the film, the reporter found that, different from people’s memories of chasing battles on the grassland, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket out of the Future through many details, show the audience the happy daily life of Pleasant Goat, Warm Goat and Big Big Wolf, as well as the strong friendship between them.It vividly illustrates the sportsmanship of unity, cooperation and never giving up and the positive energy of athletic competition.In addition, the film also contains the discussion of family affection, friendship and parent-child relationship and other practical topics: the guardian team quarrelsome friendship, let people see the significance of teamwork;With tiger wing duel, let a person learn to respect opponents;The different modes of getting along with the father and son of Grey Wolf and tiger Wing make people feel different affection and warmth.”As a basketball lover who grew up as Pleasant Goat, it was really touching to see this work.”Dong Chenxing, a citizen, said that the film can not only make children feel the charm of sports during the process of watching the film, but also can bring parents a lot of inspiration and thinking about parent-child interaction and family education, which makes him full of harvest.