Who gave starbucks police the power to evict diners

2022-06-13 0 By

Starbucks is an American coffee chain company and the largest coffee chain in the world.However, under such a big halo, in our domestic performance is not at all friendly, there is no global chain stores should have literacy.The price of Starbucks in our country is much higher than in the United States.When the People’s Daily named them, they shifted the blame to our domestic labor and operating costs, or simply said that the financial data is wrong…Our country is regarded as the factory of the world, which is the consensus of the trade industry.How can labor and operating costs be higher in our country than in the US?If that’s the case, why would Simbak open a store in our country?Besides, the financial figures are not invented out of thin air.There are problems, but dare to shirk responsibility and cover up, either because they have already made a lot of money, or because they have been holding the mood and psychology of the people.This may be the source of their daring to evict our on-duty police while they were eating.Starbucks can operate successfully, stable and harmonious environment is the foundation.And maintain the order of the police is the foundation of this foundation.Not to mention their profit maximization profiteer operation mode, they actually also to such a group of benefactors of their own people to expel, it is shameful!This group of people just eat in front of Starbucks, they affected the image of Starbucks was expelled.Apart from the fact that these people are police officers, even ordinary people, Starbucks should also show the generous feelings of an international coffee chain and fulfill its duty as a restaurant.In fact, starbucks is certainly wrong, we should also reflect on ourselves, whether we are too indulgent to them, if we unite, support our police, reduce the unnecessary consumption of Starbucks.So can Starbucks be so arrogant?