Extinction 2 was given “special attention” by USK Germany and the original didn’t pass this rating

2022-06-14 0 By

Germany banned Dying Light 2’s prequel Dying Light: Platinum even before it was released, as it failed to pass the USK rating.After the game was released, players noticed that USK in Germany seemed to have “paid special attention” to the game and failed to pass the rating for the original version.German publication Heise Online revealed that the approval process for Dying Light 2: The Battle of Man and Virtue is very strict in Germany.USK didn’t like the violence in the game, and developer Techland made quite a few changes, all for the German version only:The German version did not allow players to decapitate or dismember human opponents or kill neutral characters, and also eliminated online multiplayer outside of Germany (these differences are not noted on the German Steam page).So players in Germany, if they want to experience the original game, they can buy the version of the game in other regions like Platinum Edition, or buy the Key from the distributor in other regions.