Foreign media reported that Ukrainian oligarchs chartered 20 private planes a day to leave Kiev

2022-06-14 0 By

The richest people in Ukraine are fleeing the country en masse, with about 20 charter and private planes taking off from Kiev on Monday alone, ACCORDING to a report by Russia Today television and Ukraine Pravda on Wednesday.According to reports, one of the private jets that left on The 13th belonged to Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov.Ukraine’s second-richest man, steel magnate Viktor Pinchuk, left the country at the end of January.The oligarchs who have fled Ukraine in recent days include vadim Nowitzki, a politician and businessman worth $1.3 billion, and Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, Ukraine’s ninth-richest man.Some lawmakers are also eager to leave Ukraine.A group of opposition MPS and businessman Igor Abramovich have booked a private jet with 50 passengers for a trip to Vienna, Austria, Ukrainian newspaper Pravda quoted sources as saying.However, some of the people mentioned in the foreign media who “fled” Ukraine denied the above claims.Ukrainian businessman Boris Kolesnikov says he is still in Ukraine;Andrei Stavnidze, another businessman, said he left Ukraine on Monday for Dubai on a business trip and would return to Ukraine in the near future.Relations between Russia and Ukraine have been strained recently, with both sides deploying a large number of military personnel and equipment along their border.America, Ukraine and NATO say Russia is massing troops close to Ukraine’s eastern border in what they call an “invasion”.Russia denies this, saying NATO activities threaten its borders and that it has the right to deploy troops to defend its territory.The United States and other countries have also asked their citizens to leave Ukraine.Source: Overseas network author: Zhang Qi