From qingliu childe to belly black president, what does Liu Mingwei take to fight against little mother Gambi

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Liu Mingwei, the second-generation rich in Hong Kong, has attracted a lot of attention since her remarriage.He has always been a fashionable son of a rich family. He does not like luxury cars, but takes the subway. His favorite sports are mountain climbing and so on.His bride, whose name was not revealed, was jian Xuexin, his girlfriend of two years, according to Hong Kong media.Although Jian Xuexin is not a daughter of a rich family, she is a student with excellent grades and good appearance level, which is in line with liu Mingwei’s requirements for women with high education and high knowledge.In order to separate himself from his father liu, liu has always been very different from his father in clothing, housing and dating.Over the years, he has changed from a clear childe to a belly black president. The changes are not big, which includes his persistence and sadness.As the eldest son of David Liu and Po Wing Qin, Liu Mingwei caught up with his parents’ career when he was born. Therefore, he was born with a golden key and was branded as “inheritors”, which is very enviable.But the fate of the people, liu emerged around a wave of “red friends”, he even became a regular entertainment edition, feed a pile of gossip magazines.Liu Mingwei grew up in the father of this kind of lace news, the heart of bitterness can be imagined.What makes him more heartache is that mother Bao Yongqin is sick by gas, and the subsequent divorce with Liu, but also twists and turns.After leaving big liu very easily, did not lead a few years good day, got cancer again, feeling is not suitable on the road, and Hong Kong four crazy king hong Chaofeng together, become a laughing stock of the public.Liu Mingwei, who grew up in her mother’s despair and illness, was especially sensible, and even finished school in advance, only for her mother to see his graduation;Emotionally, she confirmed her relationship with her classmate Wendy early and gave birth to a pair of twins, which was also to fulfill her mother’s wish.Bao Yongqin left, Liu Mingwei these years to open their own change, from a few into a few out of Hua, the outside world is rumored to be with Liu.From qingliu childe to belly black president, his change makes people sad, once he, disdain to fight;Now he has to fight.Mr. Liu split up two years ago, but Mr. Liu got only a quarter of Huazhi’s shares, while Mr. Gamby got more than half.Gamby was said to have a son and two daughters, which, in terms of the number of children, was not much.Having said that, But Liu Mingwei is the first son, from the age point of view, he is the most suitable to take over;Liu was in his early 70s, gamby’s children were young, and it would be many years before Liu wanted gamby’s son to take over.Liu Mingwei turned to sell all the shares to the little mother Gambi, choose to cash out, he has always been hard neck, is rumored not to bow to gambi sisters.Liu Mingwei, who drew a line with his father liu, continued to walk his own way. After being re-elected as the chairman of Ocean Park, liu mingwei also expanded his career in business. He cooperated with the wealthy Zheng family and the gambling king family, which was referred to as the first step to take back his mother’s efforts.Now, he remarried, can imagine is, in the future, he will certainly have children, if the liu family property in the future, there will be drama.Of course, the most important thing is the war in business. Gamby, who was born in small entertainment, has been on the decline in the past few years since she joined the Board of Directors of Huazhi, and her investment in Evergrande is the biggest failure. Gamby needs time to prove herself.As the eldest son, Liu Mingwei is highly educated and knowledgeable, and has a wide network of contacts. Naturally, he is favored by most people. Everyone supports him to take back the property belonging to his mother, which is the best reward for Bao Yongqin.The battle between the giants will continue in the future, so please wait and see.