Huan Tai RURAL Commercial Bank 2021 annual farewell party for retired workers

2022-06-14 0 By

Recently, huantai Rural commercial Bank in the headquarters of the 15th floor party member activity room held 2021 annual retired workers symposium.Xue Ning, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of THE Bank, Han Fei, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the Bank, Gong Yu, deputy general manager of the Human Resources Department, and 15 employees who will retire in 2021 attended the symposium.Symposium by the Party committee member, vice president Han Fei chaired.The retired workers recalled the past work for many years and imagined a happy retirement life. Their words revealed their longing for huantai Rural Commercial Bank. The atmosphere at the event was harmonious and happy.Huantai Rural Commercial Bank Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Xue Ning delivered a speech on behalf of the bank party Committee.Xue Ning first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the old comrades for their care and support of huantai Rural Commercial Bank, and hoped that they would continue to support huantai Rural Commercial Bank, and welcome them to come back home often.Starting from the reform and development of The Bank, Xue Ning affirmed the contributions made by the retired employees to the Bank. It is because of the anonymous efforts and dedication of the retired employees during their work that the Bank has developed day by day.Wish them a young mind, a healthy body and a colorful retirement life.This activity is an important measure for Huantai Rural Commercial Bank to continue to practice the management concept of “employee-centered”.In the future, Huantai Rural Commercial Bank will continue to do the care and care work of employees, constantly enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of employees, and boost the healthy and stable development of Huantai Rural Commercial Bank.(zhang Lin)