“We’ve got a job tag!”Street parking lot into labor station, hundreds of decoration workers orderly post

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on April 8, April 8 at noon, decoration worker Liu Aiguo returned to hanyang new shili shop building materials home decoration square next to the Shili shop labor service station.The first thing liu Aiguo did when he came back was to look at his message board on the information wall at the gate.”The information board has my phone number and job description on it. It was made for us by street Unity. It is much more formal than the sign we made by ourselves.”Liu Aiguo said, after the completion of the station, here is the most let him feel at ease.Liu Aiguo found his message board on the wall.Decoration workers mobility, billboards can let individual visitors to contact them in time.Liu Aiguo is a bricklayer with more than 30 years of decoration experience. Since 1997, he has been working in the decoration market of Old Shili Shop.In June 2019, when the old market moved, Liu aiguo and hundreds of other workers moved to the new market, where they gathered on Shisheng Street every day to solicit business, carrying homemade signs that read “electrician, mason, etc.””I used to sit on the roadside and was often reminded by urban management officers to occupy the road.We are sorry to disturb people’s walking, but we have to rely on the building materials market to get jobs.”Liu Aiguo said helplessly.Staff from the Qinduan Street Comprehensive law enforcement Center told Changjiang Daily that they had received complaints from residents that it was difficult for pedestrians and vehicles to pass through the new market, and traffic jams occurred from time to time.In order to solve the problem of road congestion, at the end of 2021, the Public administration office and law enforcement center of Qinkou Street decided to replace the blockage with dreading, and selected a small parking lot at the intersection of Shisheng Road and Ink Hubei Road to be transformed into Shilipu Labor service station.There are parking Spaces for electric vehicles and rest areas for migrant workers, and toilets for convenience.After the completion of the station, the street staff found that there were not many decoration workers coming into the station, and most of them were still standing by the roadside waiting for work.’Having a place to rest is just icing on the cake,’ Mr. Liu said. ‘What we need most is work.'”We were afraid that when we got into the station, individual travelers would not find us.”He said.Shilipu labor service station close to shilipu building materials decoration home square, has absorbed hundreds of decoration workers orderly entered.After learning the needs of migrant workers, Qin Jing, a trainee reporter of Yangtze River Daily, collected the names, telephone numbers and technical expertise of more than 160 decoration workers and made them into small cards, which were put on the labor information board of migrant workers at the gate of the post station, so that the labor information was clear at a sight.At the same time, the streets have also made vests and hanging tags issued to workers.The post station will also become a part of the better life of the decoration workers.Changjiang Daily reporter went into the post station to see that some people were playing chess and chatting in the rest area, and some people were standing at the door of the post station waiting for business, but there were no decoration workers occupying the road to draw customers around.Qinduan street staff said that they have also established a network wechat group of Shilipu labor Station for migrant workers, which includes shilipu building materials market merchants, migrant workers and recruitment workers, etc. Every day, information about each other’s work is published in the group.Liu Aiguo received a repair toilet leakage here the day before yesterday, from contact with him to finish the work, the householder has been very satisfied, but also to drive him home.”Every time PEOPLE come, I point out the message board first. It’s easier to get people to trust me, and I can find my phone next time on this wall.”Liu Aiguo said.In the afternoon, he planned to stay at the Courier station and wait for individual visitors, hoping to receive another job.With his back to the station and the reputation he has built up over the years, he says he earns enough a month to live in relative comfort.”At present, the street is also in contact with the district human resources bureau, collect more recruitment information of enterprises in the district, timely and synchronously provide decoration workers with more employment opportunities, but also invigorate the business environment in the new market.””The post station provides a service platform for migrant workers to obtain job information and shelter from wind and rain.At present, Qinduan Street is creating a ‘one street, one product’ beautiful life circle, the post station will also become a beautiful life of decoration workers.”(Intern reporter Qin Jing correspondent Duan Qun Chen Jun) For more exciting content, please download “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.