When the Biden administration unfrozen $7 billion in Afghan assets, Atta thundered: “Moral bankruptcy.

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Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported Thursday that the New York Times reported earlier in the day that U.S. President Joe Biden plans to ignore Atta’s repeated demands to refuse to return $7 billion in assets deposited in the United States by the former Afghan government, and instead order the release and “embezzlement” of some of the funds.The Afghan Taliban described the us decision to transfer the funds as “theft” and “moral bankruptcy”.Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for Mr. Atta’s political office, tweeted, “The U.S. stealing frozen funds belonging to the Afghan people and taking them for itself shows the loss of humanity and morality of the country and its people.”Earlier in the day, PRESIDENT Joe Biden signed an executive order announcing the release of $7 billion in Afghan assets, part of which will be allocated to victims of the September 11 attacks and humanitarian assistance in post-war Afghanistan.The White House says the United States will set up a trust fund in the coming months to manage $3.5 billion in relief funds for The Afghan people.The other half of the frozen Afghan assets will remain in the United States pending a court ruling on legal claims by Sept. 11 victims and their families against the Taliban, even though the money was actually deposited in the United States by the previous Afghan government that fought Mr. Atta.The arrangement to keep a large sum of money in the United States was “designed to benefit the Afghan people” while keeping it out of the hands of Mr. Atta and “other malicious elements,” according to American officials.A statement on the White House website said: “As part of our ongoing work to address the humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan, President Biden signed an executive Order (E.O.) to facilitate the use of certain assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan (DAB) in the United States for the benefit of the Afghan people.Pending judicial adjudication, the Biden administration will seek to facilitate access to $3.5 billion of these assets for the benefit of the Afghan people and Afghanistan’s future.””As some of these plaintiffs currently hold enforcement orders against DAB assets, the court will need to make further decisions on the scope of these enforcement orders,””The transfer of funds is for the benefit of the Afghan people,” the White House said. “DAB’s $3.5 billion in assets will remain in the United States and will be subject to ongoing litigation by American victims of terrorism, and the plaintiffs will have full opportunity to hear their claims in court.”In August 2021, on the eve of the complete withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Biden administration froze about $9.5 billion in Assets held in the United States by Afghanistan’s central bank.The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank have suspended operations in Afghanistan, withholding aid payments and about $340m of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) allocated by the IMF last August.The United Nations has repeatedly warned that one million children in Afghanistan, which desperately needs aid money, are at risk of starvation this winter.The United Nations World Food Program says 95 percent of Afghan families do not have enough food.(Edit: SDY)