Xiao zhan is really clever!Very sincerely!Hand-painted New Year greetings and best wishes for happiness throughout the year

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Have you received xiao Zhan’s blessing on the first day of the New Year? Have you been surprised by his ingenuity?He personally hand-painted the blessing painting, to send the blessing of “happiness for a whole year”, let the friends feel it.Where can I find someone so sincere?In order to send his blessing, Xiao Zhan dressed himself up and spent most of the day sitting at the table, drawing his New Year’s greetings with one stroke and one stroke, thinking carefully about each stroke. When he drew the orange, he also carefully painted the gradual change of color and the shadows under the light.In order to highlight the year of the Tiger, a little tiger is also painted on the top of the word 2022. Although the year of the Tiger is not written, the lovely little tiger will be known as the year of the Tiger at a glance.Xiao Zhan, a big star, did not change, or like primary school students, seriously treat every thing.Therefore, we can feel the sincerity and childlike innocence in his works. If you are a girl, you will definitely be moved by his sincerity, and maybe even open your heart.Xiao Zhan’s blessing has been personally delivered, but the “small room” blessing is still relaxed, the second day of the morning, small room for everyone to send blessings: visit friends and relatives, visit friends, happy New Year.With joy, good luck chase, gather a happy thick!Xiao Fei xia people say that this is a two-way rush, caring each other, plain with a bit of romance.That’s the kind of fight we all love!