Eternal god emperor: flea will eventually be killed, want to worship god before the bold words, really hit the face

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# My story history # a series of plans is very good, using lianxi and fengyan to the soul world to do the lead, and then let the trial palace Lord Yao God zun tip, exposing the identity of the amount of zun, forcing the Business day, then led to the jacking zun and the business day confrontation, Zhang Ruochen to the soul world.In front of the jade hole xuan to Shangqiu request business day, qingcheng cloud is still saying not to conspire with a fool, now a group of fools led by the nose, really fun.Business day has the ability not to let his daughter participate in this chaos, finally let Yao god arrived at the space temple, conversation did not have long before he appeared to save his daughter.I’m a little confused about how to arrange the plot like this. It’s easy to become insane not to think about the ideas of these important people.After all, they are infinite, how many alternative ideas and practices, I can not understand a mere mortal.Or talk about the story of Zhang Ruochen to the soul world first, the goal is to save the fengyan and Sun Xi, but the hole dug for him by Xun Yangzi, the mystery of the jade cave, and finally forced him out of the temple of space, how can let him leave easily?In the process, I don’t know how many big shots will be drawn out, how many infinite god zun and thus fall, and even the fourth emperor or chief emperor appeared.First of all, we are the master player in god, he wants to kill Zhang Ruochen’s heart that is really like ants on hot pot, when I heard that the hands to stop the dragon world, plus the day was blocked, in the heart that they can kill Zhang Ruochen, so from their dust squad, the first to appear.This picture always makes me play some games before, when fighting boss, will appear one by one, regardless of strength, only points which boss first appear and fall.Main or too vain, always feel Zhang Ruochen is a junior, in the sky chi surprise wind and cloud, Zhang Ruochen grandpa are tadpoles, not to mention now Zhang Ruochen this hair doll ride shit on his head.Although in witness zhang Ruochen cut the emperor was afraid of the heart, but also speak to comfort their inner words, the emperor waves have a false reputation.Now, swagger to the soul to kill Zhang Ruochen, think they are ready for everything is in place, everything is ready, just kill dust.Can ignore their own strength, up by Zhang Ruochen sword split in two.Inner estimate is Shouting: “Yu Tuo save me!”Oh, no, it’s “Dong Xuan save me!”Zhang Ruochen will not let him escape, they are in the premeditated plan, if the dust is not in the fish bait, who is strong who live, not god god, that is damned.It is funny to think of what the Bongsin priests said at the Temple of Time, and to think of what is happening now.In front of them a group of people in the temple of time to discuss the pattern, the situation of the heaven today and the pattern of the god is not good, how noble they are, followed by the arrival of the ancient sages and so on.Now it is being chased and hacked by the sword chosen by the Heavenly Deity. The contrast is a little big. It is who eats who.At the same time there is a little doubt they each other’s strength, it is not good to estimate, because pure Yang shenjian control in the hands of Zhang Ruochen, let Zhang Ruochen strength to improve, or said that the god himself is very dish, well-treated, always think he is very strong, a dozen up, even if wearing their bluff beads, is not useful.In the face of him is like this, do not know zhang Ruochen face jade hole xuan et al is what situation, estimate is not met, afuya has gone to kill jade hole Xuan, but there is no zhang Ruochen shot.For more exciting content, come to the wandering soul singing