Kim Woo-bin and Lee Kwang-soo are here!Sign smile eye supermarket work, net hi fry: think in film

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Cure han zong “accidentally become president” by actors Che Tae-hyun and Zhao Yin-cheng fixed performance, with two people’s connections, the program can always invite big guest actors guest “work”, rare exposure superstar private face of the people.The variety will air in the second quarter, convenience stores the size of the full upgrade, two people into a large store boss, must seek help, media exposure Kim woo bin, wonderful radio will play a few days ago, the official 10, then release the relevant notice, they saw the boss of heavily armed zo in-sung, cannot help but bend to laughter, joy atmosphere.Zo in-sung privately with Kim woo bin, wonderful radio, Lin Zhou Huan better feelings, he took the chance to become President, fixed in the second quarter, three friends natural store “for life” is the preferred, program will be aired, the official released 10 forecast, due to the grocery store upgraded to hypermarket, he held various chores, still have to help cut the beef, partner cha tae-hyun is like a headless fly,Running around the supermarket, business is very busy.In order to solve the urgent problem, Zhao Yin-cheng find friends to play, Jin Yubin saw a fully armed Zhao Yin-cheng, second show signs smile, give warm response, 3 male god level actors came to the supermarket, trailer exposure immediately caused fans concern, “Wow,”I haven’t seen Kim Woo-bin in a long time.” “I have to see Kim Woo-bin!” “Is this a movie or a variety show?