Luliang Municipal government kindergarten 2022 spring teacher recruitment notice

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Luliang municipal government kindergarten was founded in August 1976, luliang municipal bureau of Education is a provincial excellent demonstration kindergarten.There are 34 parent-child classes, small classes, primary classes, middle classes and large classes, with more than 1300 children in the kindergarten and 168 in-service staff.In recent years, under the strong leadership of municipal Party Committee, municipal Government and Luliang Municipal Education Working Committee and Education Bureau, our park has always taken quality education as the forerunning, adhering to the purpose of “love the children today, focus on the children’s future”, constantly improve the conditions of the park, strive to optimize the education environment, and strive to improve the level of education.To create a high standard, high grade, high personality, high pursuit of the first-class kindergarten.In order to further optimize the structure of the teaching team, the kindergarten Administration committee has decided to recruit 10 temporary teachers (non-enrolled teachers) to the public. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Recruitment objects and conditions 1.To carry out the educational policies of the Party and the state and abide by educational laws and regulations.2. Love preschool education, love children, have a strong sense of enterprise and career.3. Have good professional ethics, regular appearance, sweet language, cheerful and lively personality, strong affinity.4. Be in good health and competent for childcare and education.Qualifications: Full-time college degree or above, with pre-school education major and kindergarten teacher qualification certificate, Putonghua grade 2A or above, under the age of 30, male with the same conditions preferred.(1) Written test: Early childhood education, psychology, “3-6 years old children’s Learning and Development Guide”, “Kindergarten Education Guidance Outline”.(2) Education and teaching ability test: take the way of teaching, prepare a middle and large class teaching activities in any field, each person 8 minutes of teaching time.(3) Requirements: 1. Appearance, manners, speech and dress should meet the professional standards of preschool teachers.2. The objectives of teaching activities should meet the requirements of emotion, attitude, ability, knowledge and skills in the Outline;Complete activity design specification, clear thinking, clear goal;In line with children’s physical and mental characteristics and cognitive law, all fields of content organic connection, mutual penetration, appropriate use of the educational environment;The organization form of activities is flexible and diverse, with good language expression ability and appropriate expression, which can promote children’s thinking and language development;With a certain ability of “three strokes and one drawing”, the teaching aid has a complete composition and reasonable layout, and the color collocation is appropriate, which can serve the teaching well.3. Dance music: The content of the dance should be healthy, the movements should be in harmony with the music, the arrangement should be reasonable, the movements should be beautiful, the expressions should be rich, and the basic skills of the dance should be reflected (accompanied by the accompaniment);The piano plays smoothly, the rhythm is steady, the accompaniment is harmonious, has the strong expressive force;Solfeggio has accurate beat, strong sense of rhythm, precise timing, clear, natural and expressive voice.1. Registration: Draw lots on site after qualification examination (the number of draw lots is the applicant’s test number).2. The written test.3. Interview: Teaching will be conducted in the order of drawing lots for 8 minutes (applicants will wait in the waiting area according to the specified time with the admission ticket).4. Specialty display: Bring the required materials and Musical Instruments (additional points 1-5 points).Test time: February 16, 2022 Written test: 8:00am — 10:00 am Interview: 10:30am — 12:30pm 2:00pm — 6:00 PM IV. Recruitment procedure This recruitment procedure includes announcement, registration and qualification preliminary examination, written test, interview, announcement result, physical examination, employment and comprehensive performance.Employment form: the probationary period is one month after the employment, and the probationary salary will be implemented during the probationary period. If the probationary period passes the assessment, the probationary staff will be employed as temporary teachers in the kindergarten. Those who fail to pass the assessment will be dismissed.Remuneration: basic salary + performance pay.Registration Time: February 13-14, 2022 (9:00-12:00 am, 3:00-6:00 PM) Registration place: Personnel Office of Luliang Municipal Direct Administration Kindergarten (2nd floor, West Office Building)Graduation certificate, ID card, teacher qualification certificate, original and copy of Putonghua certificate, two recent one-inch bareheaded photos.Note: Please stick the serial number on the left side of your chest before entering the examination room.Luliang City Direct Organ Kindergarten On February 7, 2022