Three ring Optical Valley Buick Micro Blue 6 pure electric discount 12,000 yuan

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Optics valley buick wuhan three ring haitong car sale :(1) a loan down payment as low as 10%, 5 years of super long loan, more down payment 50% interest-free policy;Two, the province’s first 0 yuan to buy a car, ultra-low monthly payment, the real “zero” down payment, repayment in advance without liquidated damages!(2) Replacement subsidy: Regal, Lacrosse, Envision, GL6, GL8 model exclusive enjoy 4000-6000 yuan replacement subsidy (3) online budget inquiry bottom price: you can customize for free your car purchase program!Full of good faith into the store, please explain in the network inquiry, enjoy network privileges;(4) Wuhan Third Ring Haitong Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD. – Buick, focusing on Buick brand for more than 10 years, professional and reliable, the subway Line 2 Jiayuan Road C exit can be directly to the store, next to optics Valley Square, shopping and looking at cars;(5) Hubei SAIC-GM authorized pre-sales and after-sales five-star dealer, one-stop sales and after-sales service without worry;(6) 24-hour service hotline: 17092704528 interested friends can go to the shop consultation purchase, we wholeheartedly for your service!Wuhan Three Ring Haitong Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD. – Buick 4S shop look forward to your visit!The event will run from April 7, 2022 to April 8, 2022