Today’s Valentine’s day, I hope you spoony dog

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Get up in the morning, go downstairs to throw garbage, walk to the third floor, suddenly see a mass of fluffy things.Up and down, dark, shaggy, spreading irregularly and covered with dust, it lay silent, like a neighbor’s unwanted mop head.I thought to myself, this is who ah, so no quality, more than a few steps can throw the mop head to the trash can downstairs, why throw to this.I was in a trance, the mass at my feet, suddenly moved, but also issued a purring cry, scared me a big jump, in broad daylight, what on earth is this ghost?Hurriedly fixed eyes look, I saw in the black hair, stretched out a dog mouth, ah, the original is a small black teddy.Where did the dog come from?There are many stray dogs and cats in our community, but they seldom run into residential buildings, let alone lie on the floor.Just thinking, I saw a middle-aged family on the third floor issued “woo woo” dog bark, voice bitter, the little teddy seemed to be beaten chicken blood, before also dejected to shrink into a ball, immediately lifted his head, looking up to the sky, also issued “woo woo woo”, long and sad.I suddenly realized, is looking for niu Niu.”Niuniu” is a small yellow bitch of the neighbor on the third floor, meek and clever, very afraid of people.The owner locked it in the house.Last year during National Day, fearless yellow teddy ran to the door of the house while it was open and made love to this girl. It was hilarious.Looks like little black Teddy wants to hook up with this chick, too.Then I thought, it’s Valentine’s Day, no wonder, no wonder.This is the day when hormones are so high in both humans and dogs that the spermatozoa in the brain make it easy to do desperate things.Think of this wandering small black teddy, originally was outside freely wandering, suddenly looked up, smell in the air, filled with a kind of ambiguous taste.All of a sudden blood boiling, blood carcardiac, smelling this taste, on the third floor, found niuniu home, helpless other people iron general door, let it exhausted clever, also hit not to open this big iron door, helpless, also can in vain low voice call which dream lover, not, love dog.Estimate, right now niuniu, be like to be locked in tower medium princess, wistfully, wistfully ground is looking forward to outside that handsome knight, in valentine’s day this day, riding white steed, brave rescue oneself.Looking at the impatient little teddy outside the door, it is estimated that the girl inside is heartbroken.Suddenly think of Yuan Haowen that song enjoys universal popularity “touch fish. Wild goose Qiu ci”, one of the most famous is, “come out between love is what, teach people life and death depend on each other.”A dog is like this, and a man is not worthy.Wait till I get downstairs, okay? There’s two dogs outside the front door downstairs.One was a white pekingese, and the other was a shiny brown teddy. The yellow teddy had a strap on his shoulder. Judging by the color of the coat, it was possible that these two dogs belonged to someone’s pet.No wonder these two days, every night, the building has spread a burst of “whining wang Wang” dog bark, noisy neighbors uneasy.Last weekend, I went out to do business, just go downstairs, see Niuniu run in front, followed by the black teddy, it sniffed niuniu’s ass from time to time, in this teddy followed jingba and yellow teddy.The front girl runs, the back three dogs are chasing.I can’t stop laughing.Thinking of the wife say a funny thing happened, the wife of the village has a person keep a little bitch, every march, on that night intoxicated with spring wind, the village of a few male dog around their restless heart mood.according to wait until when LiuShao head on this month, the male dog just ran outside to people in droves, meowed barked, door little bitch also sharp against the wall,I wish I had wings to fly over these walls and meet the dogs.The most interesting thing was that in some village there was a dog with three legs, which also limped and hopped after the dogs, hoping for a kiss.Angry dog owner to scold, other dogs to calculate, you this missing a leg of the dog, also follow along.Although many dogs, teddy in particular, have a habit of showing off and sowing seeds, they are called “slag dogs”.But in this ambiguous valentine’s day, I believe it is spoony good male dog.Today’s Valentine’s day, I hope you spoony dog.