“Retaliatory growth” has not come tourism has welcomed policy benefits

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Due to the impact of repeated COVID-19 outbreaks and prevention and control policies, the tourism market will be weak in 2021, and the expected “retaliatory growth” has not yet arrived. The development of the industry urgently needs to boost confidence.Recently, the “difference” tourism development planning, scientific research serving a “difference” entered the stage of comprehensive development of mass tourism during the period of facing the new situation and new challenges, around the theme to promote the development of tourism industry with high quality, the good life is to meet people’s increasing need for fundamental purpose, in order to speed up the construction of great tourism power points the way forward.”The plan shows that the CPC Central Committee and The State Council attach great importance to tourism, which is undoubtedly the biggest policy benefit at this stage for the tourism industry, which is undergoing the most difficult challenges, the longest recovery and the most profound changes.””Said Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Academy.”The outbreak of COVID-19 in the past two years has been the biggest factor influencing tourism development in the first half of the 14th Five-year Plan period, but overall, tourism is still in a period of strategic opportunities for high-quality development.”Dai Bin said.With the continuous improvement of residents’ income, tourism consumption has become an important part of China’s residents’ consumption.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s annual average travel more than 4 times, tourism has become a well-off society of people’s better life needs.”China’s per capita GDP has exceeded $12,000, and people’s consumption in spirit, culture and leisure will continue to increase, and the market size and social value of tourism will be good in the long run.”Deng Ning, deputy dean of the School of Tourism Science at Beijing International Studies University, said this is a solid market basis for high-quality development of tourism.During the epidemic, micro-tourism and micro-vacation have become buzzwords in the industry and important directions for market players to innovate.During the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger, the popularity of local and peripheral tourism is not reduced.”The willingness to grow, upgraded consumption and sinking market are the confidence for the tourism industry to recover and the driving force to achieve high-quality development.”Dai bin said.According to the plan, China will fully enter the era of mass tourism during the 14th Five-year Plan period.This not only means that the number of tourists will further expand and the frequency of travel will further increase, but also means that people’s tourism consumption demand will change from low-level to high-quality and diversified, from focusing on sightseeing to both sightseeing and leisure vacation.The change of demand puts forward new requirements for the high-quality development of tourism.How to make efforts from the supply side to better meet the demand of mass tourism consumption and enrich the effective, high-quality and flexible supply of tourism?The plan defines the key tasks of tourism development in the 14th Five-Year Plan from the aspects of improving the supply system of tourism products and expanding the mass tourism consumption system.”To meet the new needs of mass tourism, we need to have a more perfect foundation and supporting facilities, more attractive consumption scenes, higher quality product ideas and services, need to rely on science and technology to bring more virtual and real new experience, but also need to promote further integration of culture and tourism, to bring consumers more choices.”Dunning said.”To fully enter the era of mass tourism, we need to use new ideas and new thinking to integrate tourism elements into more areas and gather more forces to promote the development of ‘tourism plus’, so as to connect with more multi-level and diversified tourism consumption demand.””Said Chen Nan, a professor at the School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management at Henan University.The epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to tourism from factor-driven to innovation-driven, highlighting the importance of innovation for tourism development.Relying on the innovation of system and mechanism and the application of advanced technology, the management efficiency of tourism industry has been greatly improved, the operation mode of tourism enterprises has been adjusted, and new tourism products and services have emerged at the historic moment…Under the difficult situation, innovation has become an important force to reshape tourism.”The remarkable achievements of tourism over the past 40 years are not entirely the result of resource development and market innovation, but the opening-up and demographic dividend it has enjoyed.Even without the pandemic, the traditional dividend window would have closed.Scientific and technological innovation and cultural creativity are replacing traditional natural, historical and cultural resources and becoming new driving forces for the development of modern tourism.”Dai Bin told reporters.”The Plan sets innovation-driven development as a key task of tourism development during the 14th Five-year Plan period, marking a major adjustment in China’s tourism development mode from factor-driven to innovation-driven.This is not only a practical problem, but also a theoretical one, which requires careful consideration and careful layout by practitioners.”Zhang Hui, professor of tourism management department of Beijing Jiaotong University, said that in order to achieve high-quality development of China’s tourism industry, besides paying attention to technological innovation, we should pay special attention to institutional innovation. We should start from the demand side and release consumer demand through institutional innovation. At the same time, we should study management innovation and better play the role of associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations.”Attaches great importance to the innovation drive is an internal development requirement of high quality tourism, tourism needs to be from a resource, capital and other primary elements drive shift to high technology, high quality human capital, promote the wider use of new technologies in the field of tourism, at the same time want to use new technology to upgrade hotels, scenic spots, hotels and other forms, for the traditional industries can assign.”China Tourism Academy strategic Research institute doctor Won Jun said.”The diversity and comprehensiveness of tourism determine that tourism innovation is a broad concept, including resource utilization, product design, service concept, cross-border integration, consumption scene, technology application and many other aspects.”Dunning said that in general, its core is to use technology, especially “Internet Plus” to drive the digital transformation of the traditional tourism industry, on the one hand to create new tourism scenes and experiences, and on the other hand to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all links.Building a new spatial pattern of National tourism “Taking into account cultural context, geographical context, water context, transportation arteries and major national development strategies, coordinating ecological security and tourism development,National culture for the Great Wall, the grand canal, the long march, Yellow River park and the silk road tourism zone, the Yangtze river international gold gold tourism zone, coastal tourism zone, Hong Kong and Macao regions – Beijing, taihang mountains along the high iron – on wuling mountain, the tea ceremony and so on, to build ‘dot radiation, ribbon series, network collaborative national new pattern of tourism space.””Planning” for the first time stands at the national level from the spatial perspective of China’s tourism development overall layout.Chen Nan said that the construction of a new pattern of tourism space is a comprehensive consideration of the natural, cultural, ecological, transportation, economic and other major national development strategies, the layout of tourism from the national level, indicating that tourism will play a more important role in the future economic and social development.”Tourism will not only play a role in expanding domestic demand and driving economic development, but also contribute more to building a cultural power and presenting a new image of China.”Experts say that optimizing the spatial layout of tourism is a long-term process. From a regional perspective, it is necessary to improve transportation facilities, give full play to the radiating and driving role of destinations, and form a joint development with each other’s characteristics and complementarity.From the urban level, urban and rural planning should give full consideration to the layout of life and leisure, and realize the refinement and specialty of tourism.Dunning believes that China’s tourism development is still unbalanced in the region.”Differentiated development positioning of the east, central and western regions should be more clearly defined, regional characteristics and destination types of tourism should be further clarified, and more attention should be paid to changes in the pattern of out-of-place tourism and leisure tourism around cities after the outbreak of the epidemic.”He said the plan will address existing problems and accelerate the construction of a tourism spatial layout and support system to promote high-quality development.(Economic Daily Reporter Zhang Xue)