Tomorrow is tomb-sweeping day, and today is the second anniversary of his father’s death, in this article to mourn his father

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Dad, it’s been two years since you left us. Did you enjoy yourself there?You must miss your own flesh and blood, as we all do.It’s spring again. Dad, are you still cold there?Tomorrow is the annual Tomb-sweeping day, but today is the second anniversary of your death, I can not keep my mood, write this in memory of you.Dad, you have done your best, even though you have not brought us a particularly rich life.In the days of poverty, you gave us enough kind father’s love.Although I was born in the early 60 s, but the father loves the mountain, I don’t like smoke a pack of hungry days, is you, save it, if you put your food home, let my brother two eat, we had small, white MianMo points a, but also find a good sticks measurement, truly “split”, see the scene, also often think of you made in stitches.Your children remember it as if no one had ever been hit by you, so none of us were afraid of you.I remember sometimes when I got angry with you, you held up your hand to make a fight, but after all, I couldn’t stick to it for a few seconds. Then I withdrew my hand and repeated a few words “rolling roll”, but you walked away first. I was in high school that year, and I still remember it vividly.82 years I was admitted to college, at that time the family was poor, I did not even have a decent pants, you put you do not want to wear the “card pants” to me to wear;There is no decent trunk, and you made me a bookcase by overnight rearranging the wooden box with nails.At the entrance, without thinking, you gave me the watch on your wrist.My brother and I call you dad, younger sister thirteen years old, call you dad, you listen to all happy.Remember one year your birthday, I point a happy birthday song to you through the radio, I asked the radio to broadcast on time at twelve o ‘clock, immediately eat, can not find you, you are listening to my van in front of the song I point to you, I can see, you listen to the special happy, happy like a child.Write here, dad, I have been choked with tears, you will not scold me hopeless?My dear old father, if you were still there, I would be happy even if you scolded me.In the last six months of your life, you were plagued by illness.You always sigh: now life is good, enjoy a few more years of good luck!Dad, the children want you to live a long life, want to make up for the suffering you suffered when raising us before, but god does not meet people’s wishes, let you suffer from pain, children can do nothing.2020 New Year’s day two, I have arranged a photographer, for our family to take a photo of the family, but things are planned in man, god, the first day of the New Year has a hateful epidemic, to give you New Year’s descendants are blocked in the halfway, nature also did not take a photo of the family, became your biggest regret.I remember that the last time you were hospitalized, all three of us were with you in the hospital, which made you feel much better and your condition seemed to be alleviating.The 21st day of the 2nd lunar month in 2020 will be your last birthday in the hospital. I have prepared wine from Lao Qi’s house for you. Your only son-in-law has also arrived at the hospital.Later, the doctor called my brother and ME to the office and said that your condition was no longer necessary to be hospitalized. The brain tumor had metastasized to the chest and compressed the esophagus. The picture showed that your esophagus had been compressed to only a gap, and you would die at any time due to phlegm blocking your breathing.Dad, we are heartbroken, but in front of you but to bear, can not explain to you.The children do not want you to die in the hospital, endure heartache to let you go home.Dad, as I write this, my heart tightens, and it’s against your will to discharge you.During your stay in Xi ‘an, you sobbed at night, expecting the doctor to take care of you and to live for another two or three years.You thought it was because the children could not get the money for the hospital, and did not want to leave the hospital, but did not say anything, but quietly obeyed.Dad, I had to bring you home for conservative treatment.During this period, I spared no expense to seek famous doctors, so that you insist on taking Chinese medicine for nearly half a year, so far, the precious medicine for you have not run out.After the Spring Festival, you can hardly eat, even drink saliva spit.Lying on the bed, almost always maintain a position, we need to regularly turn you, eyes full of survival desire.It was too painful for your nearest and dearest to witness.Returning from the hospital to the home where you lived for so many years, you lay down in the house you built and spent the last three days of your life without eating or drinking.During the period, I several times the diagnosis of your pulse, but to march three has not felt the pulse, my heart pain to the extreme, although the heart is so difficult to give up, but dad you still in the lunar calendar march fourth day of the afternoon about 13 stopped breathing.Dad, you ride the crane to the west, there is no pain in heaven, may you breathe freely in heaven.Come home often when you are free, and please come to my dream often, so that I can chat with my father.Dear father, your children will miss you forever.