Development plan of Kaifeng in manufacturing industry in 2022

2022-06-19 0 By

Today we will talk about the development plan of Kaifeng’s manufacturing industry in 2022.According to the relevant documents, it clearly proposes to adhere to manufacturing to establish the city, and take high-quality development of manufacturing as the main direction.In the chemical industry, it mainly includes shuangta, Huarui, Dongda, Jiuhong, Longxing, Jinkai and other projects, and accelerates the extension of chemical industry to the green and high-end direction.In the processing industry of agricultural and sidelineproducts, it mainly includes: building 280,000 tons of peanut oil in Yihai Kerry, 30 million broilers in Chia Tai, 300,000 pigs in Dahongmen, starting peach and plums bread and Yurun projects, planning Yihai Kerry central Kitchen and deep processing of Garlic in Qixian County, etc.In terms of auto parts industry, it mainly includes the project of producing 300,000 chery vehicles +5G intelligent workshop + R&D center, with an annual production capacity of 180,000 vehicles.Construction of Chengtou Auto parts Industrial Park and construction of BYD Auto Industrial Park will be accelerated.In biomedicine industry, it includes fudan Sinopharm life and health industry innovation base, China Resources Pharmaceutical Industry Park, etc.In addition, 142 projects in equipment manufacturing, textiles and clothing, modern home furnishing, new materials and other industries are under accelerated construction, with an annual investment of 29.2 billion yuan planned for 2022.